Message Closed until further notice due to heavy rain

Manly Dam mountain bike trail is one of Sydney's best and is enjoyed by beginners to advanced riders.

Before you ride, check track status above.

Start point

The best access points for the bike track are; Gibbs St, Manly Vale, Upper Clontarf St, North Balgowlah, Kirkwood St, Bantry Reserve, Seaforth and both Roosevelt Ave and Nyrang St at Allambie Heights.

Biking Code of Conduct

  • The track should be ridden in a clockwise direction.
  • Night mountain bike riding is not permitted.
  • Keep to the signposted biking track
  • Don't make new trails - it is not only illegal, it also degrades the park
  • Don't cycle on walking tracks
  • Enter the park from access points indicated on the map
  • Give way to walkers and dismount when approaching groups - remember the bike track is a shared path
  • Dismount near children's play areas
  • Don't ride around water bars, steps or other erosion structures - they help stabilise tracks by minimising soil movement
  • Keep speed and skidding to a minimum as this causes erosion
  • When approaching blind corners ride on the left hand side of the track
  • When riding on firebreaks behind houses, keep to the bush side to minimise grass and erosion damage
  • Observe bike route closures
  • After heavy rain, refrain from using the bike track for a few days or until the track dries out
  • Remove soil from boots and tyres before entering the park - this will minimise the risk of root rot spreading to bushland

Track status

Due to wet weather or maintenance requirements, the track may be closed. These closures are made to ensure the ongoing use of the track in the long term. Status, as posted above, is updated regularly. 

Upgrade works

Work is underway to upgrade the trail. Find out more.

Important information

  • Manly Dam Mountain Bike Trail includes potentially dangerous jumps, drops and technical features and is unsupervised
  • All patrons use Manly Dam Mountain Bike Trail at their own risk
  • Please ride within your ability and on trails and features that are suitable for your skill level
  • Helmets are compulsory
  • Children must be supervised by adults at all times
  • In case of an emergency call 000
Mountain biking


Gibbs Street (best access)

Manly Vale NSW 2093