We’re working hard to build new footpaths to improve access, connectivity, and safety for our community. This is especially important in high traffic areas close to shops, public transport, schools, recreational areas and beaches.

Planned works

To ensure we best meet our community’s needs, Council adopted the Northern Beaches Walking Plan in 2019.

With over 920 km of roads with no footpath, the plan outlines our criteria for new footpaths which is based on the proximity of the road to key destinations. It also lists the footpaths proposed to be delivered each year from 2019 - 24.

Funding for these proposed footpaths is confirmed each year in Council’s Delivery Program and Budget.


Proposed new footpaths for 2022/23

View the status of the current program, including:

  • under construction
  • proposed new footpaths
  • seeking funding
  • completed

For more information on the proposed five-year plan, see the Northern Beaches Walking Plan.


Request a new footpath

Submit your request for a new local footpath on our online form. If it’s not on our current priority list, we’ll consider it in our next review.