Recipients 2020

NameProjectApproved Funding (ex GST)

Arts Organisations/Collectives

Eramboo Artist Environment

‘Create-Art-Exchange Revival’

Revive and expand program 'Create-Art-Exchange' to include innovative virtual platforms that increase community participation and include more local artists. Meetings will be hosted by prominent artists and live streamed.


La Crème Creative Inc.

‘La Crème Creative Recovery Project’

Improve and expand online presence to attract artists back to the studio spaces to pre-COVID-19 numbers.


Broadcasting/Film/Recorded Media

Melinda Nassif

‘Stories from the Elders’

Create a podcast to engage the elderly in our local community and enable them to connect and share their stories.  Build a website to host the podcast.
Northern Beaches Radio

‘Support Northern Beaches Musicians’

Develop a free 4-week media training course for 10 local musicians who are currently not able to perform live, providing musicians with access to on-air promotion of their music.
Simon Watts

‘A New Dawn’

Produce a short film celebrating the beauty of the Northern Beaches nature reserves and coastline.


Kere Baker

‘Let Art Light up to 2020’

Produce new unique hand-made products with locally made designs through collaboration with Northern Beaches artists.
Evelyn Bracewell

‘Community Screen Printing Workshops’

Produce new collection of screen-printed works for presentation in gallery space with accompanying screen-printing workshops in own studio space.
Faith Hibbard

‘ISO Selphy’

Creation of a look-book for website showcasing handmade garments from reclaimed materials through collaboration with the local community.
Michael Kovacs

‘Create a killer Online presence’

Collaborate with another Northern Beaches business to produce videos of artworks and increase digital presence to connect with the community.
Danica Roderick

‘Jelly – a Ring by the Sea’

Produce and present new designs and develop education resource to engage the community.
Tiani Schaefer

‘Web display of Work’

Create a stronger digital presence through collaborating with other creatives to develop a website that will enable display of artwork to online audiences.


John Ogden


Develop new strategies to complete and publish new book.  This project tells a story about race and identity on the Northern Beaches at the time of Federation.
Zena Shapter

‘Digital Writing Workshops and Writing Group’

Produce digital creative writing workshops for adults with flexible access and develop monthly online writing forum.
Emma- Kate Wilson

'Documenting Art in the time of Corona’

Help the local artistic community through writing articles on their work for arts publications, and also write exhibition and art prize proposals.


Tina Alcorace

‘Artist Development Workshops’

Rise Academy of Music will deliver artist development workshops to assist in uncovering students’ full vocal potential.
Mary Andrew

'Let's Play Music'

Produce online music classes through developing a series of videos to deliver to pre-school /early primary children during school holidays.  Deliver virtual performances and instruction.
Julian De Laffitte

Honey Riders Band – Debut Release’

Record, master and market Debut Music Release to strengthen profile and contribute to local music scene.
Alan Forsyth

Live Music Streaming’

Broadcast live gigs of local bands and artists over live streaming platforms.  Produce series of videos from the Brookvale studio and other Northern Beaches locations.
Ben Johnson

‘Live at the Factory’

Record and film live performances in the Mona Vale studio (Factory Studios) and live stream, helping local musicians continue to engage with audiences.
Ryan Miller

Live Performance Streaming’

Produce live performance streaming that enables local musicians with outlet to continue to perform and connect with audiences
Northern Beaches Symphonic Youth Band

‘Virtual Concert’

Produce Virtual Concert recording showing how youth musicians of the Northern Beaches dealt with the COVID-19 lock down.

Northern Sydney Symphonic Wind Ensemble (NSSWE)

‘NSSWE Connect – Inspiring Musicians in the Community’

Develop series of 10 “Master Musician” free workshops with elite professional musicians, delivered by Zoom webinar during school Term 3. Open to school-age musicians who are members of school band programs in the Northern Beaches area.
Van-Anh Nguyen

Perfect Pairings – a virtual wine tasting and piano pairing concert’

Adapt practice to create livestreams of piano concert performances via You Tube and Facebook. Collaborate with two local businesses, Winona Wine and Pinnacle Entertainment
Samantha Taylor

‘Record and EP’

Production of new music and development of an online platform for live streaming
Steven Tonge

‘Steve Tonge Album’

Produce a CD of original music, using local Northern Beaches suppliers, recording studios, technicians and CD Pressers.
Jarred Young

‘Live Stream / Producing’

Produce music, livestream, and rebuild small network of music producers/DJ's and photographers.

Performing Arts/Theatre

Bryon Merzeo

‘Online Theatre Production of Kristiana from the Sea’

Produce a dedicated online theatre performance on the Northern Beaches through engaging actors to perform a live play to be recorded and broadcast via live stream.
Brayden Harry

‘Refine – A dance film’

Translate the live element of dance to a digital platform where audiences can experience the artform without needing to congregate in large groups. Create an opportunity for creatives across various artforms to collaborate including musicians, dancers, filmmakers & designers.
Emily Lecky

‘Through the Storm’

Transform solo aerial performance work to increase access by the community.


Jarrod Castaing


Connecting art and nature in a photographic guide offering inspiration and proudly showcasing the breathtaking environment of home.
Julie Crespel

‘Roam Prints Website’

Expand online engagement and collaborate with local printers and framers to produce works including images of local destinations.
Scott McGale

'Remote Learning Live Photography Lessons’

Develop series of lessons in photography and post-production and engage with the local community.
Renate Rienmueller

'Portrait series Exhibition at La Crème Creative inc, 2020’

Develop new body of work with portraits of local artists, and create a catalogue and process video to present the portraits digitally.
Ben Symons

‘Grommit – The Youth of Northern Beaches and their culture’

Produce new photographic works seeing life through the eyes of young people on the Northern Beaches and exhibiting this work in a gallery space and online.


Visual Arts

William (Billy) Bain

Blokes – Billy Bain Solo Exhibition 2020’

Complete body of work (sculptures) for first solo exhibition, produce a print catalogue, and develop an accompanying online catalogue.
Jackson Davies

'Body of Work Online’

Produce artwork and create an online presence to engage a digital audience through development of a website using local professional services.
Shoufay Derz

'Ritual of Eels: Creation stories for the end time’

Digital research, creative development and an online presentation of arts project including newly commissioned collaborative texts that involves the Northern Beaches environment and community.
Joanna Gambotto

'Hill End: Peek Inside’

Complete print-making project and present an exhibition at Creative Space, Curl Curl.
Patrick Hunter

‘Public Art for Purpose – Prototype’

Construct prototype of a free-standing 4-walled cube - an ‘adaptable canvas’ that can be replicated and temporarily installed in unutilised public spaces to engage the community. Engage local emerging artists to live paint in public space.

Mark Kingston

‘Digital Art School’

Develop new series of online art classes and deliver workshops across the Northern Beaches.
Laurie McKern

Online Classes by Laurie McKern – Painting People and Portraits’

Develop a comprehensive series of eight free online art lessons / art course focusing on painting for the community to view on YouTube
Ainslie Murray

‘Aqueous Landscapes – North Head Drawing’

Adapt artwork as part of a major exhibition through producing a detailed annotated drawing of the coastline from North Head to Little Manly depicting how communities live along the local foreshore.
Kirsty Neilson

‘Standing Still’

Adapt way of working to produce artwork for exhibition both in the gallery space and online through development of website.
Julie Nicholson

Inside Out Exhibition’

Collaborate with another local artist to produce exhibition of work reflecting on time in isolation, increase online presence and produce podcast.
Jaimee Paul

Our Place – A Space for Reconnection post isolation’

Collaborate with artist Meg Minkley to create an inclusive gallery space to reconnect with the community and provide colour after COVID.
Michelle Perrett

Marine Wall Art:  Digital presentation of work, and ceramic course program.

Complete series of ceramic works for digital exhibition, deliver workshop and develop online courses.
Stephanie Powell

'The Covid Diaries’

Produce and digitise a visual diary documenting significant global and local events and personal response during lockdown
Ben Rak

‘Throwdown Press expansion to art book publishing’

Develop a print publishing platform for artists to express their creative voice and tell stories of diversity through a visual art language; and to offer the outcomes as affordable, limited-edition artworks.
Katika Schultz

Festival of the Murals’

10 Northern Beaches mural artists will pair up to collaborate on five large mural works with accompanying workshops in Narrabeen.
Rick Tailby

'Website Development’

Present artwork to digital audience through building online presence and website upgrade.
Louise Whelan

'Why Didn’t She Leave’

Create series of installations and photographs highlighting women’s experience of domestic violence exacerbated by COVID-19.  Works to be exhibited in local businesses on the Northern Beaches.