Below are resources to help organisations and community groups applying for grants funding to make their applications the best they can be.

Grants Hub

Council has subscribed to 'Grant Guru' - an online service to help you register and access opportunities Australia-wide. 

Grant writing videos and presentations

Grant writing videos and presentations have been prepared for you to improve your skills and understanding of grants and increase your chances of securing a grant for your projects and programs.  

(Auspicing is where an incorporated organisation assists a smaller organisation or individual who is not eligible for funding on their own to obtain grant funding)

Using SmartyGrants

SmartyGrants is the online application platform applicants must use to submit an application to the majority of Northern Beaches Council's grant programs.  Use this is the link to find the application form for the grant you are interested in applying for

You can find information on using SmartyGrants online including frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Funding Centre Answers Bank

The Funding Centre's Answers Bank is designed to help you frame your thinking when presented with questions on a grant application form that you are not sure how to answer. Answers should be adapted to your own organisation and project.

Useful Documents