Placemaking, through place activation, is creating quality places that people want to live, work and play by increasing vibrancy and contributing to a safe and inclusive community. It is a collaborative process that has everyone’s wellbeing in mind.

Successful placemaking relies on the inclusion and active participation of a wide range of community stakeholders – through every aspect of the process, from design, planning and the final delivery.

The Placemaking Grant Program is designed to enable new or expanded place activations by assisting with associated start-up or onetime costs, such as purchase of materials or equipment hire. Grants are not recurring or ongoing and are designed to underwrite the costs of specific expenses.

The program encourages the community to take an active role in the direction of their town and village centres, and deliver enhanced economic, social, environmental and/or cultural benefits to the Northern Beaches community.

Funding Available

Total Funding Pool $20,000

A grant request can be for any amount but must be able to provide justification for the amount requested within the context of their budget and plan. Grant amounts can be as small as $500 to decorate a shop front or up to $4000 to paint a mural or create a live activation. Grants for larger amounts can be submitted and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Applications have closed for the 2023/24 round.

Funding is currently closed. 2024/5 funding repoens 27 June 2024 - 5 August 2024

Key dates for 2024/25

  • Thu 27 Jun 2024, 10am - applications open for the 2024/25 program
  • Mon 5 Aug 2024, 3pm - applications close
  • 21 Oct 2024 - notification to applicants
  • Early Nov 2024 - distribution of funding
  • Nov 2024 to Jun 2025 - projects delivered
  • Thu 31 July 25 - aquittals due

Strategic Framework and Priorities

This grants program aligns with Council’s vision and values outlined in the Community Strategic Plan and achieving the following Community Outcomes:

  • Places for People – aspire to create welcoming, accessible, and affordable places that foster good health and social interaction.
  • Community and Belonging – aspire to care for everyone in the community, making sure that people feel safe, supported, included and have diverse opportunities for a rich cultural and social life.
  • Participation and Partnerships – aspire to achieve better outcomes for the community in the long term by tapping into the wealth of local knowledge and expertise that exists within the community.
  • Vibrant Local Economy – aspire to create a thriving and vibrant local economy where traditional and new industries are supported.

View the Community Strategic Plan

Grant Guidelines for 2024/25


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Grant writing resources

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Enquiries and application support

For more information and to enquire about your application please call 8495 5617 or email