How-to Guides

These guides are considered the first step in self-assessment.

The guides have been developed to provide high-level information on key actions and development areas for all businesses to consider, including links to external resources including government-funded schemes.

They have been broken down to cover specific areas of high-energy, waste, water and resource use.

Use these guides in conjunction with our self-assessment checklists.


Upgrade to more efficient lighting and you can cut costs, improve energy consumption and possibly receive discounts or rebates.



Did you know the average Sydney small business could save up to $1650 per year on energy bills by installing...


Heating, ventilating and air conditioning

By optimising building HVAC use, your business can reduce energy costs, improve efficiency and increase longevity of systems.


Purchasing and procurement

Altering purchasing patterns, switching to a circular economy can emphasize sustainable procurement practices and reduce waste generation.


Waste management

By reducing waste generated your business can cut costs and reduce environmental impact


Water efficiency

Carefully managing water use can cut costs, develop an eco-friendly image and attract environmentally-conscious customers.