The checklists provide a means to self-assess what stage your business is at in terms of environmental sustainability initiatives.

They have been developed to provide a starting point for all business types and sustainability stages. 

Has your business just started to implement a few sustainability initiatives?

Or maybe your business has a well-established sustainability program and has implemented many sustainability initiatives.

Find out which areas could be improved to continue on your journey towards net zero.

Self-assessment checklists

The checklists present you with a range of sustainability actions, presented in a scale from some action, moderate action to high action.

Assess how your business is currently operating, under 'current status' and then use the scale of action(s) to see where you can improve further and set new 'targets'. 

Note: Use these self-assessment checklists alongside the 'How to Guides'.

#Note that not all areas and initiatives identified in these checklists may be applicable to all businesses. Instead, the ideas included in the checklists may trigger additional opportunities, which your business could explore in the future.