Council recognises the uncertainty many businesses across the Northern Beaches are experiencing at this moment. Our priority is to support local businesses feel and ensure information on the assistance available from all levels of government is available. Please visit our Local Business Support page for more information.


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Go Local to Grow Local

Northern Beaches locals currently spend over $3.6 billion outside of our area - $238 million was spent last year in Chatswood and a whopping $390 million in Sydney CBD. Over $6 billion was spent online*. 

That's why we've launched the Go Local to Grow Local campaign – to support you, our local businesses and raise awareness to our community of the importance of spending their dollars locally.

We’d love you to get involved. Join the initiative by requesting a window decal, spreading the word on socials or express your interest in being a part of ongoing promotion. 

Looking to revitalize your public space or village?

Our online toolkit is designed to support community members with ideas to enhance and energise your area. The toolkit provides guidance for anyone looking to activate local villages or improve public spaces. 

Physical accessibility training

Learn about your legal obligations on providing physical access and having the self-initiative to increase your business' accessibility with a free training session. Learn More

Small Business & the Planning System

Council supports well designed and suitable developments and not all projects require development consent. To help you decide if you need to submit a Development Application or can build, change use or expand using other avenues you need to consider the planning rules for where you are and what you want to build there.

We have also developed a Guide to Small Business and the Planning System(Opens in a new window)(Opens in a new window)(Opens in a new window) specifically for business owners to help you understand whether you need a Development Application, a Complying Development Certificate or if what you want to do is Exempt Development. This includes information on home-based business and food-based businesses. A streamlined Development Application Lodgement Requirement for Small Business form(Opens in a new window)(Opens in a new window)(Opens in a new window) has also been developed to include only those plans and documents necessary, or likely for small businesses.

Towards 2040 - Planning our Sustainable Future

Put your business hat on and have your say about how we plan for jobs, skills, transport and the future of employment precincts on the Northern Beaches. Learn More

Environment & Climate Change Strategy

We know so many of our local businesses are already making sustainable choices every day and we want to inspire, support and encourage you in your effort to do more. Learn More

Is Your Business Disaster Ready?

Preparing for disaster could mean the difference between your business being back up and running two days after a disaster or never reopening at all. Learn More