Economic Development Strategy 'Business on the Beaches' was adopted by Council at it's meeting on 22 August 2023.

It was adopted as recommended in the report to Council, including:

  • Approving the establishment of a Northern Beaches Business and Industry Stakeholder Committee to monitor implementation of the Economic Development Strategy in accordance with Terms of Reference; and
  • Nominating Councillors Grattan, Crvelin, Gencher and Menano-Pires, along with the Mayor, to become members of the Northern Beaches Business and Industry Stakeholder Committee.

Read the meeting minutes and the adopted strategy below:

The Strategy has been developed based on feedback from businesses and residents and several comprehensive studies of the Local Government Area's (LGA) economy. 

It identifies what makes the Northern Beaches local economy distinct and what we want to be known for as a place to start, grow or attract new business. It will build on our emerging competitive advantages, including our strong entrepreneurial spirit, creating new opportunities for short-term economic recovery and longer-term prosperity over the next decade and beyond.

Along side the Strategy is the Business and Industry Stakeholder Committee. This Committee provides a high-level industry forum to understand changing economic and business needs and opportunities across the Northern Beaches. Find out more about the Committee.