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Use the Business Sustainability Checklists to understand current behaviours and how your business can continue to improve lighting efficiency.

By upgrading to more efficient lighting your business can:

  • Cut costs
  • Improve energy consumption
  • Receive additional benefits such as discounts or rebates.

Current programs and incentives

  • The Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) - The ESS acknowledges that LED Lighting reduces energy consumption and can provide consumers with a discount or rebate. Program participation requirements are rigorous and must be performed by an Accredited Certificate provider (ACP).  ACPs are able to further explain ESS program participation requirements.
  • Lighting for Small Businesses - Apply to have LEDs subsided through the NSW Government program for small businesses.
  • LED Training Courses - The NSW Government’s Department of Energy provide training courses for businesses looking to improve the energy efficiency of their lighting systems.
  • LED Recycling - You can easily recycle LED lights. There are a number of businesses that will collect LEDs from businesses.

Additional resources

The switch – It’s easy to make!

As per Energy NSW, making a switch to LED lighting can enable your business to reduce your overall costs, with an estimated saving of $2,300 annually (when 50 halogen bulbs are replaced by LEDs). 

LEDs also reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, lasting 5 to 10 times longer than standard bulbs.

Conduct a lighting review

  • Identify which bulbs can be swapped directly to LEDs

  • Identify which lights will need their fixtures replaced to accommodate LEDs

  • Contact an accredited electrician

Buyer beware 

Currently in Australia, the manufacturing of LEDs is not regulated. Ensure you purchase the right LEDs by using the following resources;