The Sydney North Planning Panel (SNPP) determine regionally significant development applications (DAs), certain other DAs and s4.55(2) and s4.56 modification applications that include:

  • Regionally significant development, as outlined in Schedule 6 of the State Environmental Planning Policy Planning Systems 2021.
  • Regionally significant development relating to Aboriginal land, as outlined in Chapter 2 of the State Environmental Planning Policy Planning Systems 2021.
  • Development with a Capital Investment Value (CIV)* over $30 million.
  • Development with a CIV* over $5 million which is:
    • council related
    • lodged by or on behalf of the Crown (State of NSW)
    • private infrastructure and community facilities
    • eco-tourism facilities
    • extractive industries, waste facilities and marinas that are designated development
    • certain coastal subdivisions
    • certain coastal protection works.

*Capital Investment Value (CIV) is calculated at the time of lodgement of the DA for the purpose of determining whether an application should go to a Planning Panel - refer to Planning Circular PS 10-008.

SNPP Meeting

At the meeting, the panel will consider the DA and hear from stakeholders and members of the public. After hearing submissions, the panel may make a decision about the DA or recommend another course of action.

Any person is welcome to attend or listen to a public meeting held by a Planning Panel. If you wish to address the panel, or listen to a panel meeting, you must register by contacting the Planning Panels for instructions to join the meeting.

State Government Planning Panels Information


Outcomes of the meetings are made available by way of determinations, which will be published on Council’s website.