Development Applications are assessed by different panels depending on their size and complexity, regional significance, or other special considerations.  If an application is refused the applicant can ask for a review of the determination. The review is assessed by a different panel or by another authority.

As of August 2020, the NSW Government made changes to the way Local Planning Panels work to make them more efficient and to improve the assessment and determination times of development applications and maintain panel oversight of sensitive and contentious applications. Further information on the changes effective 1 August 2020 are available on the NSW Planning website and NSW Planning Information Sheet

Design and Sustainability Advisory Panel

High level independent expert advice on urban design, architecture, landscape architecture and sustainability for significant applications and planning proposals.


Development Determination Panel

An internal body that has delegated authority to make decisions on development applications and other related applications of local significance.


Northern Beaches Local Planning Panel

The NSW Government has made local planning panels mandatory to make the process of assessment and determination of DAs more...


Sydney North Planning Panel

Developments over $30 million and/or regional significance it will be referred by Council to the Sydney North Planning Panel for...


Former panels

Information on former panels including MIAP, WDAP, WDRP, IHAP, DU, DAU, ADP