The Foundation administers the Pittwater Environmental Trust to provide important funding to environmental projects in the former Pittwater Local Government area.

It is important to note both the Foundation and Trust are separate organisations to Council, with Council’s only role being in appointing Directors to the Foundation to enable it to discharge its duties.

View the Trust Deed and Foundation Constitution.

Applications for Pittwater Environmental Foundation Director positions

Northern Beaches Council is inviting nominations from members of the community to become Directors of the Pittwater Environmental Foundation.

Council intends to appoint at least 6 people to a pool of persons eligible to be elected as Directors.  All positions are voluntary and unpaid and are required to meet all the requirements expected of Company Directors by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. 

Council is looking for persons who by their role in a public office, or position or activity in the community demonstrates a high level of responsibility to the public. 

Selection criteria

Applicants are also required to demonstrate how they meet one or more of the selection criteria.

As well as have a strong affinity with the former Pittwater Local Government area, prospective Directors of the Board will be assessed against their knowledge, skills and experience in one or more of the following categories:

  • conservation and land management practices and research
  • stakeholder engagement and relationship management
  • corporate business planning, financial management and public reporting
  • land transactions and legal instruments associated with land dealings
  • public sector financial management and/or asset management
  • public sector governance
  • communication, education and negotiation

Applications open

Submit your application online by 5pm, Friday 26 March 2021.

More information

If you have any questions please email