Northern Beaches Council is committed to improving the design quality of buildings in the Local Government Area and establishing a ‘design excellence’ system that ensure buildings and the public domain are well designed, and that a process is put in place during the development application process to achieve design excellence as an outcome. As part of this, Northern Beaches Council is establishing a Design and Sustainability Advisory Panel to provide high level independent expert advice on urban design, architecture, landscape architecture and sustainability for significant applications and planning proposals.

It is anticipated that the panel would review SEPP 65 applications, other residential development such as multi-unit housing, boarding houses, seniors living houses, as well as large commercial and industrial applications. This advice will assist Northern Beaches Council in its promotion and delivery of high quality built environments, design excellence and sustainability.


The Charter outlines the role of the Panel, the process and types of proposals that will be dealt with by the Panel and how the Panel members will be selected.