Committees advise Council on numerous strategic areas including cross agency partnerships dealing with bushfires to flood plans.

Former Council's information may be provided on request via information access.

Expressions of Interest - Manly Warringah War Memorial State Park (Manly Dam) Advisory Committee

We’re seeking nominations from members of the community with an interest in recreation and/or the environment. The committee meets twice per year to discuss matters relating to recreational use plus potential improvements to the park.

Apply by Friday 24 August, 5pm.

Applications: open soon

Local Emergency Management Committee

Northern Beaches Council is part of the Northern Beaches Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) which provides the roles of planning, preparing, responding to and the recovery from emergencies as described in the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act 1989.

The Northern Beaches Council’s Local Emergency Management Officer represents Council on this committee along with all response agencies and supporting organisations.

Northern Beaches Council Local Traffic Committee

Northern Beaches Council undertakes some aspects of traffic management on local roads such as the implementation of parking restrictions, traffic control devices and cycling facilities.

Council does not have the authority to introduce a restriction on the movement of traffic without the approval of the State Government. For example, Council needs approval to instigate a one way street, close a road, impose a load limit or prohibit a turn at an intersection.

Council must consider the advice of the Northern Beaches Council Local Traffic Committee when making a decision on traffic management issues. The Northern Beaches Council Local Traffic Committee is a technical advisory committee which provides a recommendation to Council for adoption.

The Committee consists of voting representatives from Council, Roads and Maritime Services, State Member of Parliament and NSW Police. Non voting specialists are invited to provide advice on specific matters. Regular attendees include representatives from the State Transit Authority (Sydney Buses) and Forest Coach Lines. A community cycling representative attends the Committee in an advisory capacity.

The Traffic Committee usually meets on the first Tuesday of the month except January. Under the RMS guidelines for the operation of Local Traffic Committees, the meeting is not open to the public. If your issue has been listed in the Traffic Committee’s agenda, you are welcome to call us to discuss the possibility of addressing the Traffic Committee prior to the members considering the matter.

Any request for traffic facilities should be submitted in writing to the Council and will be reviewed by the Transport Network team.

Former Council's meeting agendas and minutes may be provided on request via information access.

Northern Beaches Bush Fire Management Committee

The Northern Beaches Bush Fire Management Committee (BFMC) provides a forum for cooperative and coordinated bushfire management in the Northern Beaches local area.

BFMCs are responsible for preparing, coordinating, reviewing and monitoring the Plan of Operations and Bush Fire Risk Management Plan for their area.

They assist in the coordination of bush fire detection, mitigation, control and suppression.

A range of stakeholders sit on BFMCs in order to ensure the whole community has a say on bush fire management activities. They include landholders, land managers, fire authorities and community organisations.


Narrabeen Lagoon State Park Advisory Committee

The Narrabeen Lagoon State Park Advisory Committee acts in an advisory role to the Narrabeen Lagoon State Park Trust (NLSPT) which is managed by Northern Beaches Council.

Membership of the Committee includes representatives from Council, NSW Crown Lands, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (National Parks), NSW Dept Primary Industries (Fisheries) and the Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council. There are also four community members, representing environment, recreation, business and the general community.

Mona Vale Performance Space Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee for the Mona Vale Performance Space Project acts in an advisory role to Northern Beaches Council for the development of the proposed Mona Vale Performance Space. 

Council has committed to develop a feasibility study and a detailed business case, including business plan for the construction and operation of the project to ensure the project’s viability. The community members are required to have specialist skills in the development of new government infrastructure and/or community projects.  Knowledge of performance venues, the performing arts, car parks and commercial retail development is highly desirable.

Council is in the process of  appointing community members for the Advisory Committee. The Committee will meet approx. four times a year.

Community Safety Committee

Nominations are invited from stakeholders, businesses, groups and individuals from the community to join the Community Safety Committee for the period April 2018 to Sept 2021.

The committee will meet six times per year and advises Council on community safety, including:

  • Security of open spaces and public areas, lighting, transport and event safety
  • Community safety and crime reduction, prevention and detection initiatives
  • Alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Local crime hot spots and areas of community concern
  • Relevant grant funding applications
  • Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan

Representatives must be able to demonstrate a high level of interest, experience and / or expertise relevant to the Committee's Charter. Please also read the Terms of Reference before submitting your application.

Applications have now closed. All nominations will be assessed on merit and all nominees will be informed of the result.

Enquiries: Community Safety Coordinator, 9976 1567 or

Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee

Northern Beaches Council is seeking to appoint an independent external member to its Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee for a term of up to four (4) years, or as otherwise determined by resolution of Council,  after which the member may be eligible for extension or re-appointment following a formal review of performance by Council. 

The Committee has been established to promote open and transparent governance at Northern Beaches Council and to provide independent assurance, oversight and assistance to Council in fulfilling its governance objectives. This role will be remunerated.

Please refer to the Information Pack for further information.

Applications closed: Friday 11 May, 5pm

Enquiries: All enquiries or requests for information should be directed to the Head of Internal Audit on telephone (02) 9970 1109 or email

Northern Beaches Flood Management Committee

Council is calling for nominations to the Northern Beaches Flood Management Committee which will provide advice on matters concerning the development, implementation, and review of floodplain risk management projects. The Committee provides a forum for discussions between Council, the community, interest groups and government authorities on technical, social, economic, environmental and cultural issues throughout the various stages of the floodplain risk management process.

See the Committee's Terms of Reference for more information.

Nominations closed: Friday 11 May, 5pm

If you have any queries please contact the Senior Floodplain Management Officer on 9942 2381 or email

Northern Beaches Hospital Precinct Consultation Committee

The Northern Beaches Hospital Precinct Consultation Committee acts in an advisory role to Northern Beaches Council for the implementation of the Northern Beaches Hospital Precinct Structure Plan.

This Committee is a Council appointed group. Membership of the Committee comprises up to 12 members representing the following:

  • Mayor Regan (Chair)
  • 3 Frenchs Forest Ward Councillors
  • Minister for Education (or delegate)
  • Minister for Health (or delegate)
  • Minister for Planning (or delegate)
  • Member for Davidson (or delegate)
  • General Manager Planning, Place and Community from Council (or delegate)
  • Director Urban Renewal from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (or delegate)
  • Chief Executive Officer from the Greater Sydney Commission (or delegate)
  • Director Open Space and Parklands from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (or delegate)
  • View Terms of Reference and Charter

Ingleside Community Reference Group

The Ingleside Community Reference Group ensures two-way communication about the Ingleside precinct planning process with the NSW Department of Planning & Environment, Council, landowners, interested groups and the broader community.

The Community Reference Group aims to:

  • provide a communication forum for community groups (that at the time were registered with Council), community organisations and residents,
  • give members an equal opportunity to contribute and be involved in discussions,
  • compliment the broader consultation framework for the Ingleside land release project,
  • act as a means through which the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and Council can put forward items where consultation is required,
  • be a way of identifying innovative ideas for planning in Ingleside.

The Community Reference Group is not a decision making body but its views will help inform decisions by the Ingleside Project Team.

Manly Warringah War Memorial State Park Advisory Committee

Expressions of Interest

We are seeking nominations from members of the community with an interest in recreation and/or the environment. The committee meets twice per year to discuss matters including strategic planning and management, recreational use and park improvements.

Up to three community members shall be recommended for appointment to this Advisory Committee based on knowledge, interest and experience of the Manly Warringah War Memorial State Park (Manly Dam); one environment, one recreational and one ratepayer / community representative. Information about the history and current strategic direction for Manly Dam can be found in the Manly Dam Plan of Management (2014).

Please read the Committee's Terms of Reference before submitting your application.

Enquiries: please contact Parks Venue Officer, Allison Cooper on 9970 1399 or email

Nominations close: Friday 24 August, 5pm.