Congratulations to all the Finalists in the 2021 Northern Beaches Environmental Art & Design Prize.

The exhibition of their work will celebrate the vibrancy of the Australian arts and design community and the importance of its level of engagement in conversations about renewal, regeneration and issues impacting the human and natural world.

In the Open section175 finalists selected across the seven categories.

In the Young Artist/Designer section 53 finalists selected across the 7-12 and 13-18 years categories.

Ceramics and Small Sculpture

Sheriden Bird, Budgial
Daniel Press, Imperial Leaks
Jan Downes, Still the Water: Meltdown
Jan Howlin, Treegeneration
Trudi Nisbet, The Dry
Rox De Luca, A Lament for Wentworth
Chris Atichian, Folds and Creases
Richard Byrnes, Hidden Order
Kate Dorrough, River Vessel
Ju-shih Li, Dusk and Dawn
Phu La, Neville Meets Devil
Takeaki Totsuka, Five Vessels
Michelle Perrett, Remnant
Ariella Friend, Blue Ginger Zoomed In
Catriona Pollard, Reservoir of Hope
Nadya E Anderson, The Earth is Your Mother and She is not Happy With You
Chrystal Rimmer, Banksia Vase
Louis Pratt, Elemental Rising
Kath Fries, Respire i-ix
Suzanne Davey, Warrior
Fiona Hiscock, Royal Park Refuge, Banksia and Wrens
Susan Hipgrave, Summertime
Kathy Elliott and Ben Edols, On the Rise
AJ Gough, STOP- A Sign from the Earth; Part 1 
Julie Bartholomew, Climate Scrolls
Helen Earl, Meanderings
Sadhbha Cockburn, Void
Rebecca Selleck, The Fire and the Bristlebird
Annette Bukovinsky, Protection (No.3)
Helen Earl & Belinda Piggott, Carbon Credits
Seamus Mullen, Chainsaw No. 2
Amelia Lynch, Heading for Darkness
Emma Varga, Adopt-A-Tree: Rage & Revival
Rachel Honnery, (We Now Sow) Spectre Shells
Lisa Cahill, Valley II
Wona Bae & Charlie Lawler, Take a Breath
Caitlin Lang, Anthropocene
Jo Mellor-Stuart, Peril 2
Minna Graham, Fracked
Patrick Hunter, Catch of the Day : Mercury

Digital Work, Film and Video

Ryan Lee, Wonnarua
Rowena Potts, Moonrise 
Andrew Kaineder, Mourning Country
Hayden Fowler, She-Oak
Ainslie Murray, Intertidal Sections & Cross Sections
Zan Wimberley, Coal and Ice
Adam Manning, Projected Sonic Yarns and Their Patterns 
Nature As Data, Ghost Trees
Cat Wilson, Orbit
Alyson Bell, Tree Spirits
Laura Kavanagh, Annihilation
Katherine Boland, Veneer 2
Nicolette Axiak and Jelena Sinik, Forever or for Now?
Ngaio Fitzpatrick, Dissonance
Madelynne Cornish, Muted Landscape
Shoufay Derz, Ritual for the Death of the Reef: Collective Shroud 

Functional Design

Penny Simons, Nature Lampshade
Ben Gibson, Skatewood 
Rachael Wellisch, Indigo Arched Table Mirror
Susan Milne, Greg Stonehouse and Nyungar-Yamatii artist Justin Martin, Gwabba Maia - Place of Joy
Fraser the Razor, Endangered Flora & Fauna of the Northern Beaches
Matthew Harkness, Bioplastic Waste Dustpan & Brush
Mark O'Ryan, Vestiges Standing Lamp
Evy Anwar, Ohlen Freshwin Community Market Design
Amy Jones, All the Flowers Sing 
Ashley Menegon, Messmate Memories
Omar Roxas, Re:made - Turning Recycled Plastics Into Furniture
Marta Figueiredo, Stardust Lamp
Julie Paterson, ScrapCloth Curtain Loops
Kelli Stanbury, Recycled Leather Patchwork Tote Bag
Jessie French, Algae Bioplastic Tableware
Gemma + Richard Rasdall, Table Lamp
Luna Mrozik Gawler, Diplopic Lens

Interdisciplinary Collaboration (art, science, design, engineering)

Edwina Green, Bull Kelp Side Bags
Alex Wisser (On Behalf of Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation), An Artist, a Farmer and a Scientist Walk Into a Bar....
Camila De Gregorio, Friends in High Places
Donna Davis, Displaced [TRANSplant IV]
Debbie Symons, Sing
Anna Russell, Killing Time
Bettina Kaiser, Requiem for a Canary
Julia Davis and Lisa Jones, Thresholds #28/05/20, 03/05/21.1, 03/05/21.2
Lisa Roberts, Be Like Your Place
Jennifer Turpin, Phyllospora Comosa (Crayweed) I
Justin Dwyer and Betty Sargeant, CAPTURE
Leanne Thompson, Weaving Water
Jenny Pollak, HEFT


Julie Hickson, Flow l Brachychiton
Gemma Rasdall, Moon Shadow
Penny Verdich, Morning Light - The Old Quarry
Georgia Morton, Words Unheard
Fiona Talintyre, Goldrush
Simon Barlow, Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo and Youngiana
Amanda Tye, Lucky Town
Craig Handley, Make Believe 5
Steven Giese, The Incident at Tipping Point
Alessia Sakoff, Grow Till Tall No. 2
Evert Ploeg, Ply #2
Amelia Stubbs, Nature Bath
Brent Turner, Ghosts of the Peninsula
Amber Boardman, Room on the Staircase
Kit Hoisington, Fly in the Sea, Swim in the Sky
Jo Lane, Single Use
Victoria Keen, Home
Lauren Wissam, Torment
Geoff Harvey, Black Summer III
Adam Oste, Before Dawn in the Valley Where the Creek has Since Dried 
Judee Radford, The Bushwalkers
Dimitri Lihachov, Lavation: Salvation Creek 2021
David.W Coburn, Go On ...
Julie Nicholson, Beach Two 
Erika Beck, Coastal Escarpment 
Coco Elder, In the Heat of the Day, in the Heat of the Night - America Bay Creek
PJ Twomey, Unctuous Truths
Laura Jones, Burnt Hakea Dactyloides 
James Lai, On the Way to Bathurst
Sarah Robson, The Unfolding of Reason
James Mcgrath, Luscus#2
Frankie Morgan, Simpson Desert Coolibah tree
Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger, Remembrances Manifesting in the Landscape 
Babette Robertson, Fallen Tree #8 
Gina Fenton, Stitches
Ranee Fitzgerald, After the Blackburn at North Head

Wearable Design (fashion)

Radka Passianova, All But Forgotten
Kirry Toose, Tideline
Ivy Whiteman, Why the Sea is Boiling Hot
Ildy Izso, Bush|Fire
Stephanie Powell, A Thing of the Past
Ruth Downes, Masking the Problem
Sári Szász Komlós, Soil to Skin 
Elise Cakebread, Second String
Rebecca Pierce, Bucket Bag
Karina Teh, Citrus Prism
Phoebe Hunter, Re-Wear: Wedding Dress Infused with Flora 
Marina DeBris, Black Widow
Tracie Axton, Onyx
Alice Cutcliffe, Charcoal and Embers
Joanna Fowles and Nina Smith, DYEVERT Shirt 
Elle Nelhams, A Voice for the Planet Through Ethical, Sustainable Fashion
Gina Mastio, The Burden We Wear
Bethany Cordwell, Waste Age 

Works on Paper and Photography

Greg Weight, Early Morning Song
Benjamin Cole, Caughtsumption 1
Chad Ajamian, Snowy Mountains Bushfires in Infrared (Lake Tumut, Kodak Aerochrome)
Max von Appen, 2050 - A Perfect Summer's Day at Curl Curl Lagoon 
Trent Mitchell, Super Flower Blood Moon. Tessellated Seas, 2021 
Angus Fisher, Marajó
Leila Jeffreys, The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters - Bleeding Heart Dove
Mark Forbes, Respite
Remi Siciliano, Inhabiting Emulsion #2
Pamela Pauline, Biophilia Bouquet
Gwen Harrison, IronY
Anna Mango, Ethereal Illuminations After Dark
Nick Hollo, Tidal Rock Platform - Mona Vale
Ben Kittle, Wild Things
Jason McDonald, Snowy Wethers
Salvatore Gerardi, Shadow Lines; Lake Cathie 
Kai Wasikowski, The Subjunctive Mood #4
Jess Leonard, Plated Up
William Gladstone, Attention is the Beginning of Devotion
Kerry Power, Moving
Fiona Dobrijevich, Geobiology
Louise Whelan, Fungi Connections
Anita Renet, Ocean Access
Sadhbha Cockburn, Sovereignty Cannot be Seeded
Emilio Cresciani, On Ice #4
Brooke Thompson, Tipping Point on our Shores
Angela Robertson-Buchanan, Return of the Yellow-Tails
Sally Mayman, Being
Damian Dillon, Suburban Chrome #2
Jo Neville, Giant Bespoke Paper Waterlilies
Nathalie Hartog-Gautier, X-Delete
Katika Schultz, Self Portrait as Rock 
Shonah Trescott, Miraculous Draught of Fishes 

Young - 13 to 18 years

Frances Moran, Cicada
Sienna Morison, Fake News
Callum Haddow, Little Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky
Cameron Ingle, Shark Egg
Angus Fisher, Fire Cycle
Sophie Shirriff, Reef's Last Breath
Cian O'Hagan, Impermanence 
Alice Fishburn, The Feast
Cian O'Hagan, Enchantment
Elicia Ferguson, Syria
Eliza and Serena Plane, What Have We Done?
Neve Sellers, Artificial Fog v. Flower Garden 
Amy O'Toole, Debris of The Whales 
Lorcan Brondum, Restoral
Jemima Grimmer, Reef; Before and After
Meera Nirmalendran, Death of Paradise
Jazz McLaughlin, Reflected Mood 
Jasmine Robinson, Lizard Pot
Edward Sazhin, Drought
Katie Cooper, Wrangling Reforestation
Riley Hudghton, Seaweed
Emily Oates, Fish Caught at Manly Beach
Gabrielle Finlayson, Transparent 
Kauri Palmer, Life, Again
Helayna Carroll, Out of the Ashes
Georgia Rich, Organic Fusion
Anouk Swanepoel, CAN you Save Me? 
James Quiggin, Hold on Tight
Yana-Rose Dalglish, Lineage
Amelie Hodgens, Pod Fashion
Romy Behdasht, Compromised Fragility

Young - 7 to 12 years

Emma Herrero, Beach Inspiration 
Jasper Hartmann, Lepidoptera Plastics
Elisabeth Bauer, Defeat the Dark
Eric Ye, Dark Sky
Abelia Chung, Coronavirus Under the Lens
Presley Finch, Pandemic Owl
Zoe Mason, The Creek
Anna Young, I'm Always There in the Shadow of Night...Watching.
Madison Munro, Rubbish in Space
Ella Cushway, Hunting Flowers
Lincoln Barbagallo, Lizard Extinction
Selma Lunde Stewart, Frog
Tayla Lees, Dreaming Green
Simona Pascuzzo, Plastic Waters
Wenhui Zheng, What's Happened to our Mother Nature 
Abigail Mason, Aumuna Trail Creek
Tom Wade, The Fish Who Cried Ocean
Eleanor Flatman, Rock Pigeons
Phoenix Libotte, The Acorn Tree
Isabella Snodgrass, Between the Rocks 
Sierra Knights, Looking Upon Earth
Raphael Williams, Bush Tucker by the Sea