EADP 2023. Install shot

In 2023, the Environmental Art & Design Prize exhibition included works by 215 finalists across multiple categories. The prize celebrated contemporary art practices that engaged the viewers socially, environmentally, and politically. The artworks in the exhibition were intended to contribute to the climate conversation and enact positive change through creative work.

The category winners were awarded by the judges: multidisciplinary artist, Caroline Rothwell, and industrial designer, Adam Goodrum.

2023 Prize winners

Congratulations to the winning artists and designers across the nine categories for this year’s Environmental Art & Design Prize.

Winners of EADP 2023

2023 Gallery

Explore some of the works, artists and designers on display in the 2023 Environmental Art & Design Prize exhibition in this...

Curl Curl Installation

2023 Finalists

Find out who the finalists 2023 Northern Beaches Environmental Art & Design Prize.

Grace Kemarre Robinya, Raining Over Laramba, Different Times

2023 Judges

Meet the 2023 judges - Wiradjuri curator, writer and educator Emily McDaniel, industrial designer Adam Goodrum and visual artist Caroline...

Judges viewing artworks

2023 Sponsors

Thank you to the 2023 Northern Beaches Environmental Art and Design Prize Sponsors.