2023 Sponsors

Thank you to the 2023 Northern Beaches Environmental Art and Design Prize Sponsors.

Foundation Sponsor 



Colormaker Industries

Colormaker Industries is pleased to continue as the 2023 Foundation Sponsor of the Northern Beaches Environmental Art & Design Prize. This year Colormaker celebrates 65 years as a premium producer of high quality, eco-friendly paints and ink products.  Colormaker’s products include:

  • Colormaker Interior and Exterior House Paints
  • Colormaker Paving Paints
  • LUXAPOOL® Swimming Pool Coatings
  • ACRYLMERIC® Waterproofing Membranes and Floor Coatings
  • PERMACRYLIK® Scenic Paints for murals, installations, fine art and film, TV and theatre use
  • PERMASET® Textile Screen Printing Inks

An Australian owned, family business located in the urban renewable energy zone of Brookvale, all paints and coatings are made in Australia using 100% renewable energy.  In January 2023, Colormaker celebrated the milestone of saving 500 tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHGs) through the electricity produced from their 100 kW solar array.  Colormaker products are researched, developed and manufactured at their Brookvale facility under strict quality control procedures managed by a team of experienced chemists with a focus on sustainable materials and practices.

Colormaker Industries website

Event Sponsor 



Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises Pty Ltd

Kimbriki are proud to support the 2023 Environmental Art & Design Prize as Event Sponsor.

Kimbriki is an innovative waste and recycling centre with a dry landfill located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Kimbriki aims to be a centre of excellence for environmental services associated with the generation of waste and to provide education to the community.

Kimbriki was originally established as a landfill operation in 1974 but has since shifted from waste disposal to resource recovery. Today the site recycles over 80% of incoming wastes and to date, more than 2.5million tonnes of waste has been diverted from landfill at Kimbriki through resource recovery operations on site.

Kimbriki website

Event Supplier



Seadrift Distillery

Seadrift is an award-winning Australian distilled non-alcoholic spirit made locally in the Northern Beaches. Seadrift was founded by Alastair and Carolyn Whiteley, who sought a more natural and peaceful life after 20 years living and working overseas. It wasn’t long before they found themselves asking the same old question “Why are we all in such a rush? They decided that something had to change. And so Seadrift was born.

A drink to slow down, to unwind and enjoy without the guilt. A drink with which to appreciate the little moments and watch the sea drift by. Seadrift is made using a traditional copper pot distillation process that has been used for centuries to create top-end spirits. They distil from fresh botanicals, that arrive into the distillery each morning where the magic begins - a perfect match as Event Supplier for this year’s Environmental Art & Design Prize.

Seadrift Distillery website