Congratulations to all finalists selected to exhibit in the 2023 Northern Beaches Environmental Art & Design Prize, from Friday 4 August to Sunday 27 August. 

215 finalists were selected from around 600 entries from across Australia, submitted in nine categories. Discover how artists and designers are responding to our environment and contributing to positive change.

Ceramics & small sculpture

Chris Atichian, Plastic Baggage
Tara Axford, We Made Our Bed
Ivy Ellen Baddock, Patch Work
Isabella Bardon, Infinite Ephemerality
Pattie Beerens, What's Balancing
Michelle Belgiorno, Renewal
Helena Blackstock, Wandering
Mark Booth, Water Study
Mark Booth, 200FF25.90°(Teal)
Richard Byrnes, Okapi Suspension
Rox De Luca and Pablo Grover, Tristeza Roja (Red Sadness)
Nicole de Mestre, From Shore to Sea...
Ruth Downes, Feast or Famine
Caroline Duffy, SLASH
Helen Earl, Choose the Future, Electrify
Mark Elliot, Cloud Essence Condenser Circa 1880
Zimmi Forest, Changed
AJ Gough, SLOW-A Sign From the Planet Earth; Part 2
Alyson Hayes, Biomorph II
Brenda Ingram, Conversation
Ruth Ju-shih Li, Bloom III
Glenda Kent, Snugglestoo
Birte Larsen, Delicate Balance
Amelia Lynch, Marramarra
Katherine Marmaras, Fragility in the Lace
Trish McNeil, Nature’s Impressions
Trudi Nisbet, Resurrection
Shani Nottingham, Colligo, A False Comfort 
Holly O'Meehan, Mutated Evolution
Catriona Pollard, Wilderness in Flourishing Mutiny
Louis Pratt, Is it Hot Enough in Here
Sarah Robson, FELT or Felt
Rona Rubuntja, Two Goannas Kara Marra (good meat)
Nadine Schmoll, Object Obliterate
Jacqui Sosnowski, Anemones
J9 Stanton, Toxic Bloom
Jodi Stewart, The Dance
Sue Stevenson, SITTING DUCK/ sedens anatis
Lynne Sung, In Transition
Jane Theau, Retired (At Last!)
Olivia Tahan, One Degree, Symbiosis
Jo Thorpe, Reduction
Emma Varga, Rose Blossom Bowl #2
William Versace, Malocchio
Bridget Willis, Standing Tall

Film & video

Celosiafields, Tatsuya and Moog
Danelle Bergstrom, Entwined
Cara-Ann Simpson, Nos Crescere et Reditus II (From the earth, we grow and return II)
Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger & Thomas Speyer, Deception II Edinburgh
Ryan Andrew Lee, Temples of Doom
Lina Buck, Golden Hour
Perdita Phillips, Wheatbelt Anticipatory Archive II
Rebecca Hosking, Kuarka Dorla Estuary Journey
The Archival Futures Collective (Rowena Potts & Ceridwen Dovey), Musca

Functional design

Elliot Bastianon, Cuprum Stool
Luke Batten, Swell
Lachlan Chang, Chi Chi Chair
Blake Griffiths, Echo Piece
Marlo Lyda, Remnants Collection
Orlando Luminere, Trash-Cam
Jon Miles, Don't Bottle Out
Jayne Papalia, Coral loves Zooxanthellae
Tanya Reinli, Jars of Hope
Jack Stannard (Iluka Studio), Spindle Stool
Sarah Tracton, Firelight
Small Impact Studio, Aurora Bottleleris
Mary-Ellen van der Vegt, Brightside Cushion 
Harry Vasey, Unwasted
Jo Victoria and Bernadette Davis, Luminescent Sea Lighting

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Osvaldo Budet and Shonah Trescott, Can-oua
Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation, Land Studio
Nadine Schmoll, Interconnected, Self Portrait as Coral II

Painting & mixed media

Ann Chadderton, Sandstone Rock Dee Why
Abby Chambers, Wish You Were Here
Sadhbha Cockburn, Dusk to Dusk
Wendy Cummins, Oswald the Powerful
Kate Dorrough, The Burnt Landscape
Jane Farrell, Ormiston Gorge
Louise Fowler-Smith, Critically Endangered - Banksia Cuneata
Ariella Friend, Composition in Tongue Orchid Colours
Guy Fredericks, Mountain Pygmy Possum
Joanna Gambotto, Venus Setting
Geoff Harvey, Losing My Religion
Julie Hickson, Wattle I Terrain
Ruth McDermott, Not Black or White
Jennifer Mullen, Vulnerable No 1
Penelope Oates, Entangled
Lauren Kate O'Connor, Falls (Aliwanyiwanyina APY Lands SA)
Julie Paterson, Reparable Landscape - Gardens of Stone
Georgina Pollard, Map of Capetree Valley
Gemma Rasdall, Somewhere South
Studio 29B (Anthea Boesenberg, Anna Russell & Rhonda Nelson), Six Decades
Alex Thorby, Coup d'oeil
Grace Kemarre Robinya, Raining Over Laramba, Different Times
Rae Henry, Red-tailed Black
Nadera Rasulova, Terrain
Maria Romeo, A Fashionable Landscape
Patrick Shirvington, We Walk Upon the UNSEEN
Sally West, Bower Lane
David K Wiggs, Crows and Where the Fire Was - North Head to South Head and the City
DJ Williams, Soy Koi - Space Invaders
Marjorie Williams, Water Tank, Old Days (Hermannsburg NT)
Nicola Woodcock, Burnt Out
Hua Ye, Before Sunrise at Warriewood Beach

Wearable design

Vera Alexanderova, Reversible Felted Coat - Amethyst Night
Linda E Baranov, Whimsical Jacket
Lucy Barker, Got it Made
Mary C van den Berk, Conscience Cloak
Anna Krispel, Put That in your Pipe and Smoke it
Gillian Marriage, The Catch
Shuk Wan Ng, Lilyturf
Adelash Parsons, Wild Elizabeth
Ivy Whiteman, Meditation Skirt & Memories Bra

Works on paper & photography

Steve Baldwin, Cammeraygal Angophora
Kate Ballis, Ficus Albipla
Jennifer Blau, La La Land
Katherine Boland, A Material World No 3
Joshua Copland-Nielsen, Yield Curve
Nicole Cullinan, Urban Waste
Simone Douglas, Sanctuary I
Susie Dureau, Australian Raven Soundscape
Bernadette Facer, We Meet the Guidelines
Midori Furze, Relax
Charli Rose Gerry, Entangling with Relational Ecologies
Reg Gibson, Peaceful Bush Breakfast
Petra Gotthardt, Big Bang Theory
Gary Grealy, Another View, Interverion in a Landscape
Ross Halfacree, Grazing Zebras
Lee Harrop, Strange Oversones
Nathalie Hartog-Gautier and Francoise Limondin, 1,2,3,STOP
Nick Hollo, Moon Bridge and Rainforest Cooper Park
Adrienne Hunt, Landscape Subterfuge I
Vanessa Inkamala, The Gumtree Got Everything
Paula Jenkins, Bush Reflections, Kunderang 2
Zephyr Larkin, Decade of Transition
Max Linegar, Saddleback
Christina Lowry, A longing for Wonder
Asher Milgate, I Am More Than You
Joyce Lubotzky, Souvenirs of Consumerism - To celebrate
Joyce Lubotzky, Souvenirs of Consumerism - To contain
Sally Mayman, In Balance
Jason Mcdonald, High Country Corroboree
Kayla Nampitjinpa Major, Another Day, Another Desert Sun
Julie Nicholson, At the Edge
Eva Nolan, Koala and Spurred Mangrove
Linda Ogonowski, Fence Debris Diptych - Drawing I and II
Adrienne Overall, Entangled
Emily Parker, Strata Layers #2543
Claire Paul, Bouddi Grounding
Pamela Pauline, The Fragile Flock
Angela Robertson-Buchanan, Habitat Gang-gang II
Gary Shinfield, The Burning Bush
Bernadette Smith, Drift
Janet Tavener, Fragment II
Brooke Thompson and Andy Marks, Speak for the Trees
Chloe Watfern, If They Lose Their Soft Parts They Die
David Watson, Firetides #3
Shona Wilson, Seeding I Receding
Belinda Yee, Interference Pattern

7 – 12 years

Ashley Chen, Ink Blobs
Lucy Hartmann, Sugar Glider
Louise Jiang, Melodic Wilderness A Harmony of Nature and Music
Sarita Jiang, Watermelon Village The Oasis of Nature and Community
Isla Lu, The Little Yellow Bird
Lambert Mengyang Tang, Save My Home, Please
Dani Mu, Alive
Imogen Maddison, Life and Death of a Coral Reef
Isabella Niu, Robotic Saviours
Chloe Peters, Seeking Lights
Gisele Ren, Plant and Veggie Man City
Jasmine Shuyu Tang, The Amazing Things You Can Find in the World
Darcy Spence, Polar
Portia Pringle, Pass on Palls
Kyna Sarin, Potatoes in Space
Rafferty Stanley, Cheeky Quokka and his Friends
Alvar Stewart, Swamp
Selma Stewart, Tiger
Charles Whitehead, Blue Banded Bee at the Beach
Cicely Wood, Nature
Jayden Wu, Monster Under the Sea
Victoria Xu, Stop the Pollution

13 – 18 years

Marina Chamberlain, From the Sea
Zoe Chan, Linger
Lily Dawes, Biophobia
Sienna Dooley, Oceans Through
Mayani Gapanmi Ganambarr Calhoun, Yothu Mirr Miyalk, Nyami Buluunggarri
Azrial Gow, Vulnerable
Jasper Hartmann, Plastic or Prey
Chloe Hines, Hollow Backyard
Lauren Kelly, Riverside Living
Jinoir Kim, Harvested Beauty
Kiara Lee, Breath of the Trees
Marlon Leforestier, New Looking Old
Izzy Lewis, We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Coco Liao, Blue Fading
Kiki Margetis, The Sustainable Sabrina Dress
Risheet Mazumdar, Make Way for the Flippers
Ember McCabe, Ripple Effect
Sophia McKechnie, Winston - Nowhere to Climb
Anna Morrison, Sea of Acid
Enzo Munro, The Scrapyard Hound
Meera Nirmalendran, Do not Disappear into the Forever Night
Callan Peterson, Triangulight
Edith Rogers, Nearsightedness
Tully Salmon, Residuum
Meilin Shi, Two Fish
Matilda Townsend, A Birds View of Tasmania
Cleo Vilder, The Ameliorated Murray Darling
Jasmine Waters, Australian Brush
Jasmine Waters, Janelle's Bouquet
Lola Wood, Portrait of a Goat
Isabella Wu, GreenPrint
Charlotte Yan, Devolution
Chelsea Yi, Carved Cerulean