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Your bin collection day may change

To provide the best service for ratepayers, we are consolidating our bin collection which means a new collection day for some residents from 1 July.

Enter your address to find your next collection day and download a calendar.

Welcome to our smarter, greener, safer, cleaner new waste service

Our community wants to reduce waste and the impact it has on the environment. Together we can champion the war on waste.

Our priority is to improve environmental outcomes and keep costs down so we’re rolling out a safer, cleaner and smarter waste solution.

The new waste contract began on 1 July 2019 and over 300,000 new bins are being delivered to households ready for the new service. Learn more about your new bins

Your old bins are being taken away and getting a new life by being recycled into new bins.

Introducing impressive environmental benefits


For the first time, the contents of your red garbage bin will be recovered and processed using advanced technology.

Remaining recycling in the garbage will be removed, food and organics processed into compost material and the amount of waste going to landfill reduced. The new service avoids the equivalent of over 43,200 tonnes of CO2 each year – that’s like taking 8,400 cars off the road.

Northern Beaches is a leading community when it comes to keeping vegetation waste clean. This new waste solution continues to protect our pristine vegetation waste by maintaining a separate green vegetation bin, ensuring that our garden waste can be returned to the earth as commercial grade compost. 

Our new collection trucks also have a lower impact on the environment and are safer for the community.

New smart bins for all residents

New smart bins are an essential ingredient in our new waste service. 

Find out more about your bins and how much it will cost.

Meet the new state of the art collection trucks


Hitting the road from 1 July, you'll see:

  • Safer trucks – with improved safety features including forward and rear facing cameras recording the truck’s operations and emergency braking system
  • Cleaner trucks – fully enclosed to prevent litter with lower emissions.
  • Smarter trucks – fitted with technology allowing residents to track collection vehicles in real time via a new app. You’ll know how far away your service is and when your collections happened

Q and As


Why do we have a new waste service?

The new waste collection service replaces the three former Council arrangements which expired on 30 June 2019.

How much will the new waste service cost me?

The proposed charge for the new standard waste service will be $405/ year. For most people receiving the current standard service, you’ll now pay less.

Former Manly Service2018-192019-20
Standard Service$536$405


Former Pittwater Service2018-192019-20
Standard Service$518$405


Former Warringah Service2018-192019-20
Standard Service$389$405
120L red garbage bin service change to new 80L standard service$581$405
120L red garbage bin service change to new 80L standard service + 1 extra 80L red bin (total 160L red garbage bin service)$581$625

Council has managed to keep a lid on costs and deliver great environmental outcomes, despite the rising costs for waste processing and disposal and as the bottom falls out of the recycling market.

Will my service change?

The bin system remains the same using the most effective and proven source separation method. Red for general rubbish, green for vegetation, blue for paper and yellow for containers.

What’s innovative is how we process household garbage and reduce waste going to landfill. The contents of the red bin is being processed to recover residual recycling material, metals, food and other organics.

For some residents the bins might look a bit different. The new bins are designed to be compatible with the new collection trucks and for better stability. 

Each household will get a standard bin set. Four in five households already have the 80 litre garbage capacity and many will get bigger 140 litre recycling bins. Find out more about the new bin rollout.

There may be changes to collection days - you can enter your address to check your day and download your new calender. 

Will my bulky goods collection change?

From 1 July, Council has introduced an on demand clean up service across the Northern Beaches. All residents can order two pre booked services each year. The majority of our residents are already using this service.

On demand bulky items collections reduce waste going to landfill. Council is committed to encouraging everyone to reuse, repair, upcycle, sell or donate as many bulky items as possible.

Multi-unit dwellings have the choice of either:

  1. Booking two collection services each year for all residents, or
  2. Allowing unit occupiers to book individual collection services

Are there any changes for offshore communities?

The offshore collection service remains essentially the same. The good news is that the Western Foreshore will be getting two scheduled vegetation collections each year.

The contents of the offshore communities red garbage bin will be recovered using the new separation and processing service to reduce waste going to landfill.

Can food scraps go into the green vegetation bin?

As a leafy and green community we have large volumes of vegetation waste which is virtually free from contamination. Clean vegetation enables us to effectively close the loop by processing it into high grade compost and soil conditioners. That's why we have chosen not to contaminate our green waste by allowing food waste to be disposed in the vegetation bin. New technology means we can recover and process food and organics in the red bin and ensure we maintain the high quality of our vegetation.

Will Council be individually charging residents by the weight of their waste?

No. Council will not be charging residents by individual waste amounts. While Council may be able to weigh individual bins in the future, this would only be used to monitor the charges to Council from our contractors (i.e. so that Council only pays for the waste the contractor collects as part of its contract). It is important for Council to know how much rubbish has been collected from residents so that it can compare the amount that is eventually disposed of by the contractor. This helps keep our costs down.

What is the reason for the chip on the new bins?

What the chip does: The purpose of the chip is to ensure that Council provides the required service to our residents. We will understand how many collections we are making across the area, whether any properties have missed their collections and also ensure bin replacements are well managed. With better information, we can provide a better service and manage our costs.

What the chip can't do: The chip doesn't monitor the waste content of the bin. There is no camera in the chip.

Your New Bin Service

New smart bins are an essential ingredient in our new waste service starting 1 July 2019. Find out about the bin replacement program.

Waste Calculator

If you do require additional extra waste services,calculate how much your additional services will cost using our waste calculator.