Cyber fraud is on the rise in our community, and anyone can fall victim to a scam or fraud. Criminals are increasingly targeting older people in our community, so helping loved ones understand the risks is important. 

To better detect scams, it helps to have a basic knowledge of how computers and smart phones work. Scammers can reach us in many ways like text, messaging apps, websites, social media, email or phone. 
If you are aware of a scam, help others by reporting the scam to the National Anti-Scam Centre via

Learn more about scams and how to avoid them.

Council runs Tech Help Services at our libraries to help seniors brush up their digital skills, to not only be more proficient on the computer or smart phone, but to also better protect themselves from scams. The sessions are free and are provided by expert volunteers.

Seniors are also encouraged to reach out to Computer Pals in Manly, Narrabeen, Forestville, Avalon, Belrose and Terrey Hills, who also offer valuable tech support for seniors.