We operate various systems to film and capture images in public places.  Some Council Officers, in high risk roles, are equipped with dashboard cameras. This can collect evidence of illegal activity in an effort to protect the safety of the public, Council Officers and assets.

Where Do We Use Cameras?

Operation of CCTV cameras is restricted to Council owned or managed land and assets within the local area and Council’s workplaces.

Assets can include libraries, recreation and community centres and plazas. We continue looking to improve street lighting and CCTV networks in identified hot spots.

Our Policy

We aim always to meet the legal regulations regarding the management of captured images through our various systems.

Your Privacy

Some people might be concerned about Council Officers recording their interactions in public.  The Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 (“PIPPA”) prevents anyone doing so unless it’s collected for and directly related to a Council activity. All recorded data must be reasonably and justifiably necessary for that purpose.


Complaints relating to the operation of these cameras should be referred to Council’s Corporate Governance Unit on 1300 434 434. 

Complaints alleging breaches of privacy should be referred to Council’s Privacy Officer, currently Council’s Principal Analyst – Corporate Performance and Strategy on 1300 434 434.