Keeping our community safe starts with preparation on several levels. We take fire prevention in homes and surrounding bushland very seriously. Everyone shares a responsibility to keep our homes and local environment as safe and prepared as possible. Here you’ll find information on how you can contribute and stay safe.

Home Fire Prevention

Strict rules apply to fire prevention. You must have at least one working smoke alarm on each level of your home. All multi-unit housing, commercial and industrial building’s essential fire safety measures must be inspected annually by an appropriately qualified person and a Fire Safety Statement issued to Council and Fire and Rescue NSW. Failure to comply is an offence and heavy penalties apply.

Bushfire Safety

We all love living in Northern Beaches’ beautiful native bushland. However our natural environment does come with the risk of bush fires.

We all need to be prepared and the Rural Fire Service (RFS) can help with advice and information on hazard reduction burning, current bush fire alerts and planning.

Bushfire Inspections

If you worry that vegetation on nearby land may be a bushfire risk, you can request an RFS inspection by calling 9450 3000, emailing or by filling out a bush fire hazard report online form.

Visit our bushfire risk management page for more on our home and bushland protection measures.