Manly Warringah War Memorial State Park - known as Manly Dam, has a wonderful diversity of flora and fauna, including a number of threatened species. It’s great for picnics by the water and is renowned for mountain biking and water skiing.

Manly Dam’s network of bush tracks are great for exploring.

Remembrance Day and Anzac Day ceremonies are held at the Cenotaph, in Section One. 

Pay and Display Parking fees apply at Manly Dam, Northern Beaches permit holders exempted. 

Please note: Dogs are not permitted in the picnic areas, the internal road, carparks, or the water at any time. 

PLEASE NOTE: Fox Control Program:  Poison baits will be laid between 20 August to 10 September 2018, and the whole Park, including all tracks and trails, will be closed to dogs and cats from 20 August until 8 October 2018.


Access and Maps

There are several entry points but vehicle access is via King Street.

Picnic Areas

We have four picnic areas where you can book a table.

Manly Dam Mountain Biking

Manly Dam Mountain Bike track is one of Sydney's best.

Water Sports

The freshwater lake is great for swimming, water skiing and more.


The bush surrounding Manly Dam is a special place that includes remnants of Aboriginal camps


Standard Picnic Table
Manly Dam has four picnic areas around the lake, all with bookable picnic tables.
Undercover Picnic Table
There are five undercover picnic tables that will fit up to ten people, all five are bookable.

Contact Information

Reserves Bookings
9942 2550 or 9942 2640
Manly Dam Rangers
9949 3235
0409 773 097

Opening Hours

The park is open from 7am every day of the year and closes at 5:30pm (non-daylight saving time) / 8:30pm (daylight saving time).


Monday - Sunday: 7:00-17:30


112 King Street
Manly Vale NSW 2093
Map of Manly Dam