Congratulations to all finalists selected to exhibit in the 2022 Northern Beaches Environmental Art & Design Prize, from Friday 5 August to Sunday 28 August.

212 finalists were selected from over 640 entries from across Australia, submitted in nine categories. The works offer fresh perspectives on our global climate crisis and issues of living sustainability. 


Ceramics and small sculpture

Chris Atichian - Grow & decay
Pattie Beerens - Dwelling
Mark Booth - Tumulus
Owen Crick - Spike
Kate Dorrough - River Deity
Helen Earl - Singing the Blues
Claire Ellis - Solace no22
Saskia Everingham - Honey Hollows
Stefanie Ferguson - Burnout
Zimmi Forest - Outsourced - The skills and manufacturing memory
Ariella Friend - Composition in Broad Leaf Geebung colours
Kath Fries - Island within
Suz Gavran - Journey 1
Allan Giddy - Coastline paradox 1
Szilvia Gyorgy - The Sum of all Parts
Lee Harrop - Down to earth
Fiona Hiscock - Summer (Ficifolia eucalyptus and musk lorikeets)
Nikki Main - Bower Bird Nest
Hannah Mckellar - Puddles
Carl Milton - Goodbye Fossil Fuel - the end of the Yellow Brick Road
Not - In a strange loop
Liz Pasqualini - A full deck
Penny Philpott - Revenge is not so sweet
Belinda Piggott - Nebulous
Penny Polkinghorne - Hybridism
Catriona Pollard - Hidden deep in the forest the faeries sleep
Sallie Portnoy - Faith and Hope
Simon Reece - Eternal slick
Fleur Schell - Making room for the wildlife
Sophie Shirriff - Contamination
Christine Simpson - Radiata
Patricia Smart - Biodiversity2
Peter Tilley - Ten Thousand Sorrows
Emma Varga - Rage & Revival - 20-21-22
Zora Verona - With What is Left I - Nest of the Northern Oriole
Martin Wale - Uni-verse
Wes the Pants - Pariah Pariah, Coal on Cat!
Bridget Willis - Listen

Film and video

Mauro Barberis - Ode to the Giant Australian Cuttlefish
Michele Barker & Anna Munster- Ecologies of duration
Joanna Gambotto - Common Thread
Kenneth Lambert - Incandescent bloom
Jaimee Paul - Rewild
Simon Robson - Ghost in the machine
Niklavs Rubenis, Brett Lamb & Halie Rubenis - Design Is Waste Is Design
Patrick Shirvington - Biophilia
Lynne Sung - Solastalgia #2
Shonah Trescott & Osvaldo Budet - DUSK
Jen Valender - Played as they lay
Emma Varker - Archaea

Functional design

Lachlan Chang - Quoll House
Scott Chaseling - Crumple Pilot Carafe
Eliza Connolly - Oysterware
Claire Ellis - No Time To Waste 009
Lise Hobcroft - More Than A Single Use
Calum Hurley - Abutment Coffee Table
Fay Lutta - Concrete Shell Biophilic Design
Trudi Nisbet - Winner Takes All
Josafina Paddison - Sygnathiformes
Tanya Reinli - Duo-Vase
Kelli Stanbury - A Knight'S Purse
Fraser The Razor - Canopy Vase
Emile Theau - Hollow Wooden Surfboard
Alexander Tohidi - AEC_AT
Sarah Tracton - Venus Lamp

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Jane Bamford - Ceramic Little Penguin Nesting Module (Lpnm) 2022
Martina Clarke - Autotanks
Jess Coldrey - The Unconquered Sun
Julia Davis - To The Heart: A Calling
Charlotte Haywood, Seaweed Research Group, SCU, School Of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Qut, Pedro Espi-Sanchis, Seaweed Appreciation Society, Pat - Viriditas
Warren Langley - Place To Place
Madeleine Palmer & Maximus Bregar - Not-So-Spontaneous-Ruderal-Vegetation
Sydney Art Exchange: Anya Pesce, Elke Wohlfahrt, Corinne Brittain, Eleanor Er, Kerry Macaulay - Lot 384

Painting and mixed media

Clara Chan - Be With Me
Katherine Edney - Seasons' End
Dongwang Fan - Global Bodies
Gloria Florez - Eucalyptus Forest
Louise Fowler-Smith - Critically Endangered-Caladenia Fulva
Aimee Gardyne - Polyp
Sandra Garritano - Bow Echo
Jessica Guthrie - Plants Taste Better
Ross Halfacree - 300 And Counting
Linda Hume - Exodus - Lismore March 2022
Dale Kentwell - Billabong, Avicennia Marina (Grey Mangrove) And Sacred Kingfisher
Kevin Marriage - Hunt For The Thylacine
Rick Matear - The Cuple
Jo Mellor - Care In The Era Of Solastalgia
Marie Mitchell - Starting The Cycle: Dead Dirt To Living Soil
Kylie Monteleone - Song Lines That Vibrate Within
Jennifer Mullen - Shrike-Tit
John Murray - Dunghutti Country
Julie Nicholson - More Rain
Trudi Nisbet - The Absence Of Light
Penelope Oates - Climate Tumble
Adrienne Overall - Both The Moon And The Money Plant
Ruth Shteinman - Sedimentary
Thomas Thorby-Lister - Untitled (Border)
Penny Verdich - It'S A Bright New Day
Dung-Chuan Wen - Bushfire Survey

Wearable design

Susan Peacock & Christine Sadler - Respire – Melaleuca ericifolia
Maria Ines Claverol Herrera - Away From Sameness
Danielle Kremer - Motherhood
Alia Parker - Myconstellation Jacket
Wajiha Pervez - Athleisue couture
Sonya Price-Kelly - 1000 years
The Social Outfit - Disco bomber jacket
Kirry Toose - Handle with Care
Ivy Whiteman - I just wasn't made for these times
Gabrielle Willim - Curbside

Works on paper and photography

Chad Ajamian - Road to recovery - Hawkesbury River flood in infrared
Tara Axford - In loving memory
Susan Baran - Troubled Waters- the Darling River
Mary-Anne Barnes - Abundance
Katherine Boland - Code Red Landscape #1
Sadhbha Cockburn - Exodus (ch.3)
Joel Coleman - Old clothes
Carmel Cosgrove - Rejuvenation
Emilio Cresciani - FILM CUTS #6
Bernadette Facer - Access to water - a yardstick of inequality
George Fetting - Always Coca-Cola
Louise Flaherty - Plant Care
Belinda Fox - The light crept in
Reg Gibson - Motherly Love 8868
Gary Grealy - Not far from home-intervention in the landscape
Katie Harris-Macleod - Tree drawing - I
Jude Hungerford - Vortex: prisoners of the gyre
Annelies Jahn & Jane Burton Taylor- Herbarium for a refuge
Pia Johnson - The weight of fallen trees #2
Julie Kenny - Death of the tree of life
Therese Kenyon - Bridge over the Guadalquivir - Cordoba
Allen Koppe - In time
Nettie Lodge - The Place of Us
Christina Lowry - Six hundred and eighty
Brigiat Maltese - Here on earth
Sally Mayman - Sea Lace Avalon Beach
Jason Mcdonald - Wallaby logger
Harry Merriman - Untitled (Mattresses)
Zee Merven - Finn
Pamela Pauline - A little life
Jenny Pollak - Free fall
Gemma Rasdall - Bushwalks, Morning Bay
Angela Robertson-Buchanan - Dream Hollow
Carol Rowe - Testament
Rehan Saiyed - We live in a beautiful world, don’t make it ugly.⁣
Katika Schultz - Mirror, Mirror...
Remi Siciliano - Unfurl
Bianco Tainsh - Archive of meaning & matter
Fiona Verity - Interiorscapes - a pleasant place to sit
Lilli Waters - The next world
Carmel Wellburn - Temple of flora
Luke Williams - Eye of the Storm
Shona Wilson - The Songstress - Rhythms of Regeneration
Belinda Yee - How long is now
Anne Zahalka - Rising tide
Jo Mellor - Fish Skin

Young - 7-12 years

Lincoln Barbagallo - Disappearing
Ewan Binskin - Ocean Pollution
Camilo  Budet Trescott  - The Generation of Peace and Hope
Matilda Cartwright - Fern, the sloth
Candice Chen - Natural Face
Lola Cowdery - Frog on a branch
Eve & Hannah Ohana-Roberts - How Long Is Our Coffee Break
Eleanor Flatman - COVID: Your Enemy, My Friend
Ivy Flatman - Radioactive Grouper
Tiffany Gao - Poor creatures have to deal with all of these problems
Frederick Glover - The Pelican Family
Lucy Hartmann - Karak - the Rain Bringer
Monique Hipwell - A Burning Breeze
Liv Holmes - Keep our beaches and waterways pristine
Karen Huang - Flying Robot
Miranda  Jiang - The polar bear in plastic
Dian Jiao - Circle of life
Miru Le - Sound of Nature
Phoenix Libotte - I Am Animal
Harvey Little - Keep our oceans clean
Selma Lunde Stewart - Shelter
Zoe Mason - Lost Platypus
Laura McClellan  - Jeremy
Grace  Smith - Do we really know what we're doing?
Ali  Talebian - The day of doom
Mengyang Tang - Dreaming Tree House
Amy Vu - Earth 2083
Isabel Wade - Souper Bird (Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird!)
Isabella  Wang - Gerald the Bandicoot
Jayden Wu - Coral reefs
Lily Young - Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Young - 13-18 years

Amber Barkhordarian - Look Down
Sam Brasher - The Ocean's Mountain
Arabella Czerwenka - Our Future Depends On Our Action!
Oliver Czerwenka - Is this their future?
Amber Dekell - Flowers of the Future
Catherine  Engall - Encroaching water
Liliana Fiedler - The Good Old Aussie Days
Azrial Gow - The Fade
Jasper Hartmann - This Is Not A Toy
Amadea  Luong - One, Two, Many
Mia MacCormick - Unknown Life
Kiki Margetis - Lighten my Load, Lengthen my Life
Kiki Margetis - Minerva Sustainable City
Ella McGaw - Cumulative Grief
Lara Mischkulnig - An Ocean of Rubbish
Meera Nirmalendran  - Have you seen the black cockatoo, feathers glistening blue in the harsh Summer sun?
Daniella  Piskor  - Home
Jeremy Rotenstein - Ethics in a bind
Angela  Sazhin - Society of Silent Soldiers
Therese Schulze - blah blah blah
Kate  Sutton - Inevitable?
Kiara Underwood - Disconnection, Destruction, Extinction
Eliza Zadro - The impact we make