The Coastal Environment Centre (CEC) provides innovative, relevant and enjoyable high school field trips, which engage students in active field investigations. Our qualified educators run the field trips and provide the equipment you’ll need. Enjoy the great outdoors and turn your classroom theory into a fun, interesting and practical experience.

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Stage 4

Choose from the Coastal Landscapes, Landforms and Water at Long Reef or Narrabeen Beach or the Careel Bay Wetland Field Trip. Bring your whole year cohort.

Stage 5

Physical Geography and Oceanography Field trip for elective geography students.

Students observe, measure, record and interpret primary data to compare a developed and a natural coastline for the Environmental Change and Management Field trip or the Australian Environments Field trip

Stage 6

Interaction of the Biophysical Environment is an investigative field trip for Year 11 students at North Narrabeen.

Year 12 teachers can choose the Coastal Dunes - an Ecosystem at Risk Field trip at Avalon Beach on its own or combine it with the Careel Bay - an Ecosystem at Risk Field trip.



Stage 4

The Year 7-8 Rock Platform Ecology Field trip is held at either Long Reef or Narrabeen Aquatic Reserves.

Stage 5

Students plan a field trip investigation before arrival for their Year 9-10 Rock Platform Ecology Field trip.

Stage 4-5

Marine Science students can plan and undertake a Microplastics Survey to contribute reliable and valid data to the AUSMAP national database. The problem is smaller than you think!

Stage 6

North Narrabeen Aquatic Reserve provides the perfect backdrop for the new Year 11 Biology Field trip which is designed to meet student outcomes in Module 3 and Module 4 or can it can have a depth study option.

Stage 6

Bring your Earth and Environmental Science students to the CEC for a practical Microplastic field trip that meets the outcomes for both Module 1 and 4.

Stage 6

Use our CEC expertise and AUSMAP kits to undertake a Microplastics Field trip for your Investigating Science students’ depth study or as the culmination of a detailed 30 hour Module 1 program.

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