Our Coastal Environment Centre team has put together some handy resources to help you before and after taking an excursion with us.

Risk Management

Please familiarise yourself with our Risk Management documents:



Using geography equipment on fieldtrips

We have created a short video to familiarise your students with the equipment that they will be using on their fieldtrip with us. Watch it with your students before you come to save valuable time when you arrive, maximising the time they will have to collect raw data. Watch the video (read the video text transcript).


Meet some of our rock platform locals

The Department of Primary Industries have lots of useful information about marine animals found on our rock platforms. You may wish to share information about Long Reef Aquatic Reserve (PDF map) or Narrabeen Head Aquatic Reserve (view PDF map) with your students before they visit these areas.


BOM interactive weather and wave forecast maps

Before your bring your students on their fieldtrip, (remind them to wear appropriate clothing as they will be outside for 3 to 5 hours), show them how the atmospheric synoptic forecast affects the weather they will measure and experience on the day.



By doing an audit you can work out how efficient your school is, describe areas where resources are wasted and suggest ideas to improve use.


Depth study topics

This Prezi Presentation gives an overview of 5 local environmental ideas with global consequences - microplastics, insects, invasive plants, contaminated water and biological sampling techniques. (Note - this interactive presentation may not be fully accessible to all users).


So you want to be a... ? presentations

These interactive, engaging presentations have lots of fun activities for students. They can help to understand professions in Science and Geography - find out what life is like in these professions, understand what challenges they face as well as fun they have at their work. Click the link, Prezi will open, press play button and use the cursor to move through the presentation. Please ensure your volume is turned up as there is audio to guide you through the presentations. 


Mouldy bread science experiment – Pt 1

Here’s a cool way to remind your kids to wash their hands? This fun science activity will have them running for the soap! Mouldy bread video.

Mouldy bread science experiment - Pt 2 

The continuation of this fun science experiment will certainly show your kids how important it is to wash their hands. Mouldy bread video part 2.