Our Coastal Environment Centre team has put together some handy resources to help you before and after taking an excursion with us.

Risk Management

Please familiarise yourself with our Risk Management documents:




So you want to be a... ? presentations

These interactive, engaging presentations have lots of fun activities for students. They can help to understand professions in Science and Geography - find out what life is like in these professions, understand what challenges they face as well as fun they have at their work. Click the link, Prezi will open, press play button and use the cursor to move through the presentation. Please ensure your volume is turned up as there is audio to guide you through the presentations. 

360 Virtual Tour

Take a look at the 360 virtual tour. This resource is designed to give teachers, students and the community a unique virtual look at some of the magnificent sites that the Coastal Environment Centre offer school field trips and community walk and talks.