Changes to services and facilities
We have changed our services in line with the current public health orders. Changes include temporary closures of face-to-face services including our customer service centres and libraries, please check the changes to services and facilities page for more information. We are still here to help you, check out our range of online services or call us on 1300 434 434.

The Coastal Environment Centre (CEC) offers programs for preschoolers. Our experienced environmental educator will bring the environment along with some of its amazing creatures to your preschool. Our hands on programs encourage children to learn about animals and their environment. Both programs adhere to the Early Years Learning Framework.

Excursions may be booked any day of the week from Monday to Friday. Both the coastal and bushland excursion sessions last for one hour. Preschool Brochure


Incursions cost $308 (inc GST) for up to 20 children per session. Additional children are charged $11 each as per the Fees and Charges.

View our CEC Risk Management Plan and Risk Management and School Excursions document.

Call 1300 000 232 or complete this online form to request your incursion.

Coastal Excursion


See what it feels like to touch shells, cuttlebone and pumice.  Learn how to handle rock pool creatures. Hands on activities have been developed to help children learn and understand our wonderful coastal environment.
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Bushland Excursion


Learn about our wonderful and diverse native animals and how we can protect them. We bring 'stuffed educational specimens' into the classroom.
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