Stage 4 Geography Manly Liveability Field Trip

Student outcomes 

Students will be working towards:

  • GE4-1  Locate and describe the features and characteristics of coastal landscape landforms and the liveability of Manly.
  • GE4-3   Explain how interactions and connections between people, places and environments result in change.
  • GE4-7  Select and use geographical tools to acquire geographic information.
  • Plus - Stage 4 science outcomes for Working Scientifically and Physical World content.


This field trip has been developed so that Geography students can develop a range of fieldwork skills to acquire and process first hand data so that they can assess the environmental quality and liveability of Manly.

These field skills may be selected from:

  1. Water Quality Tests - delivered by CEC Educator
  2. Field Sketch / Cabbage Tree Bay - delivered by CEC Educator or teacher
  3. Manly Beach Weather and Tourism - delivered by CEC Educator
  4. Interpreting Spatial Resources - delivered by CEC Educator or teacher
  5. Corso Services survey and bar graph - delivered by teacher
  6. Manly Wharf Transport links - delivered by teacher

The lead teacher and CEC Educator will choose the 4-5 sites and field investigations that meet their student’s needs. Thus 4-5 classes can participate or if required we could consider up to 8 classes. CEC Educators will provide all the equipment and lead all or just some of the sites.

This flexible delivery would reduce costs, while upskilling and supporting all teachers to deliver some fieldwork sessions during the day.

Schools may arrive by bus or ferry and classes will rotate through sites supervised by their school teachers, following the schedule specifically written for their group size and requirements.