If you are considering installing solar try out SunSPoT. This great tool will help you calculate how much electricity and money a Solar PV system could save your home or business. 

The tool is based on detailed modelling which takes accounts of solar radiation, tilt, orientation and shading at your home or business. Council worked with Australian PV Institute (APVI) to map the Northern Beaches area so that you can select your own rooftop and receive personalised information. 

You are now able to get even more accurate information using the tool. SunSPoT can estimate the savings you could be making by installing solar if you enter in some information about your home (basic energy bill data, no. of residents and appliances in use).  

Visit SunSPoT to see how much energy your roof could make. 

It is important to note that when using the tool if you provide additional information about your home that SunSPoT will not retain any of your data. Any changes to this will be made clear on SunSPoT's website. 







SunSPoT has been developed by the Australian PV Institute (APVI) as part of the APVI’s Solar Mapping research project, and funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.