An inverter is an essential component to a solar system, it changes the solar DC power into 230V, AC power so it’s suitable for use in your home and for feeding back into the grid.


Batteries give you the option to store the excess solar power produced by your solar system rather than exporting it to the grid.

Smart meter

A smart metre lets you use the energy produced by your solar system in your home, before sending it to the grid. A smart metre also records 30 minute interval data on your energy consumption which can be monitored remotely allowing you to access time of use rates for electricity. Smart meters are being rolled out in NSW when a new meter is required.


Retrofitting is making a change post construction. Swapping an older piece of technology for newer, more efficient version, or upgrading quality.

Feed-in Tariff

The rate your energy retailer will pay you for the solar power which you export to the grid.

Embedded network

An embedded network is where the apartment building has a single grid connection and manages the metering and billing of units internally. This system can leverage aggregated demand to access better market arrangements. A solar system in this arrangement utilises more of the energy it produces. Residents who do not wish to be involved may have difficulty buying energy from a seller other than the strata, due to the way the network is wired. Find out more

Individual ‘behind the metre’ 

An individual behind the metre system means each unit of an apartment block acts independently, with its own grid and solar connections. This installation process is relatively simple. Behind the metre systems cannot leverage aggregated demand for better market arrangements

Shared ‘behind the metre’

A shared behind the meter system means each unit of an apartment block can share a portion of the same solar system while managing their own off site electricity for any additional electricity required.

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