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We are offering free 30-minute conversations on Wednesdays via a phone call, online video call or in-person appointment at Manly Environment Centre.


Please note:

Council staff are not qualified solar engineers, the advice we offer is general solar advice only. If we are unable to answer your query or if you would like to talk to an expert about the more tricky questions, book in here for a free chat with our expert Energy and Solar Advisory Service.

Information you provide through this form will solely be used for the purpose of providing more accurate advice to you during the Solar Conversation. It will not be shared with any third party other than with our contracted expert solar advice partner should we require help in answering your solar question(s). Please refer to Council’s Personal Information Collection Notice and Privacy Policy.

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In making and attending an appointment with Council, you acknowledge that any advice provided by Council on solar power systems and the solar installation process will be of a general nature only. 

  • Council does not offer tailored quotes or recommend specific suppliers. 
  • Council may not be able to advise on all the specifications of relevant systems. 
  • If after reviewing your proposed questions we deem them too technical, we will advise you and refer you directly to our external partner who are qualified solar and energy experts and are best suited to answer your query (this service will also be free to you).
  • Please use your own discretion and seek further advice from professionals or suppliers in relation to your specific circumstances. 
  • Council does not accept liability in respect of any loss or damage resulting from reliance on advice provided by Council.

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