The Northern Beaches produces approximately two million tonnes of C02 a year, with electricity consumption responsible for approximately 56% of that. Our community has already begun to embrace renewable energy, but collectively we need to do more.

Over 20,000 premises in the Northern Beaches LGA now benefit from solar power, which is reducing our carbon emissions by approximately 122,000 tonnes each year (Australian PV Institute [APVI] update 31/03/24). This is the equivalent of over 37,000 cars off the road per year!

Council has set an ambitious target of “50% of suitable premises with solar panels installed by 2030”. Our target will not only dramatically reduce emissions, it has the potential to reduce your energy bill too.  In fact, households with solar PV are now collectively saving over $19million per year (APVI update 31/03/24). 

A household with a 10kW solar system could save more than $1650 per year on their energy bill (APVI, 2021).  See below how you too can save with solar.


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