Thinking about solar? Work your way through the five step process to installing solar.

If you get through the steps and you've still got questions, Council’s Solar Conversations team are here to help!

Steps to follow

Step 1:  Background reading

A good starting point is to read the solar FAQs and the Clean Energy Council’s Solar Guide for Consumers

Step 2:  Have your energy bills ready

Pull out ideally 12 months of electricity bills – this will help work out your solar needs and payback time.

Step 3: Check suitability of your roof

Use the Sunspot tool to help calculate what size system can fit on your roof and how much you could save per year on your electricity bills.

Step 4: Choosing a solar retailer

When choosing a solar retailer it pays to do some research and get several quotes. 

Helpful reading:

Step 5:  Reviewing quotes, contracts and installation

Still have questions?

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