Mobile and temporary food sellers operating in the Northern Beaches need to comply with all aspects of the Food Act 2003. Here we explain the specific requirements you need to know to sell food through mobile or temporary premises.

Mobile Food Vans

Mobile food vans are required to:

All mobile food premises are subject to inspection and approved inspection fees are charged $420 (2019/20 fee).

Trading conditions:

  • Must not trade within 200 metres of a fixed food premises
  • Must not trade within 200 metres of an event unless approved by event organiser
  • Must not trade on, access or enter any reserve (including reserve carparks) unless separate written approval from Council is provided and displayed on vehicle
  • Must not place any other item outside the vehicle, including tables, chairs, food, equipment
  • Must comply with road rules
  • Vending is only permitted from any one location for a maximum of 15 minutes over 24 hours, unless vending is associated with an approved event and approval has been granted as an “approved trader”.

Temporary Food Premises

All temporary food stalls should be constructed and operated in accordance with Council’s requirements for the operation of a Temporary Food Stall.  View the NSW Food Authority Guides

Temporary events and their food stalls must be correctly registered with Council and each display a current approval.

Food stalls are also subject to inspection with fees charged:

  • $205 for a 2 year Temporary food approval
  • $95 for a one day approval.
  • $105 Urgency for processing within 2 days

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