St Matthews, The Corso

MAG&M holds the largest collection of Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo's artistic legacy anywhere, in total over 118 works. Most of these were gifted to the Gallery by Dattilo-Rubbo in 1940 and 1955.

They show the development of the artist, from his social realist portraits in the academic style to his embracing of impressionism and his support of modernism. Portraits of ordinary people and landscapes, in particular of Manly and the Northern Beaches, were his favourite subjects.

Discover them for yourself.

Oil landscapes

Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo's landscapes and cityscapes from the MAG&M Collection 


Oil portraits

Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo's oil portraits from the MAG&M Collection 


Various media

Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo's works in various media from the MAG&M Collection 



Antonio Dattilo-Rubbo's watercolour works from the MAG&M Collection