Once a year, we invite talented local artists to apply for residencies through our Artist Residency Program. If successful, you’ll be allocated your own inspirational studio environment, rent free, and have a rare opportunity to experiment, express your artistic vision and contribute to culture on the Northern Beaches.

Northern Beaches Artist Residency Programs provide opportunities for local artists to develop new work in their own dedicated studio space. At the end of the residency, you will present the work you’ve created in a public space, prominent location, or an exhibition space. Sound inspiring? Then please apply.

Eramboo Artist Residency

Northern Beaches Council and Eramboo Artist Environment provide a six month residency that offers free non-residential studio space at Eramboo in Terrey Hills, with the bonus of tapping into the professional development support and networks Eramboo provides, $2000 allowance for materials and support towards an exhibition or public outcome. 

Find more details in the Eramboo Residency Guidelines.

Applications for 2020 Eramboo Artist Residency Program closed Friday 1 November 2019.

Kimbriki Artist Residency

Northern Beaches Council and Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre provide a nine month residency to create site-specific public artwork using resources that have been recovered from Kimbriki. Two artists will receive free non-residential studio space at Kimbriki in Terrey Hills, plus a $3,000 allowance for equipment and professional development opportunities, and a joint exhibition at Creative Space.

Find more details in the 2020 Kimbriki Residency Guidelines.

Applications for 2020 Kimbriki Artist Residency Program closed Thursday 21  November.

Meet our 2020 Artists in Residence (AiR)


Eramboo AiR - Kirsten Fazio

Kirsten Fazio is an Australian director, photographer and producer of Oscar® award winning animation and visual effects for feature films. Kirsten’s commitment to both the still and moving image has realised itself in directing highly visual short and long film narratives.

Built on the highest creative and technical standards, Kirsten’s unique language has strongly emerged from her collective experience and exposure to a variety of cinematic and media screen platforms.

Kimbriki AiR - David Jones

David Jones is an artist and photographer based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. His works intuitively, drawing out imagery to produce spontaneous mono-prints, murals and experimental photography.

David draws and prints onto found and collected objects and uses the imagery to construct scenes & moods that reflect emotional states and our relationship with nature. His current projects explore how drawings interact with light, were light becomes part of the scene rather than a means to document the art.

Kimbriki AiR - A.J. Gough

In their artistic practice, A.J. Gough aims to create an awareness around the delicate balances found in nature and the role that our decisions have on those balances.

The specific aspect of this A.J. would like to examine though their art is the devastating effects that non-biodegradable waste products, such as plastics, have on ecosystems as they accumulate. Their greatest hope is that A.J.’s art inspires the adoption of a more conscious attitude towards personal consumption.

Contact information

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