Park for up to two hours free per day at one of the four paid Council parking stations in Manly (view map).

You can also visit Spot Parking Finder to view real time occupancy in our parking stations and to view on-street parking time restrictions in the Manly area.


Whistler Street Car Park

5A Market Ln, Manly NSW 2095 Directions

Monday to Thursday 6.30am – 12:30am
Friday to Saturday Open 24 hrs
Sunday 6.30am – midnight

311 car spaces including 5 accessible parking bays, 11 parents with prams, 4 motorcycle bays and two authorised vehicles only spaces
Height restriction: 2m

Peninsula Car Park

25 Wentworth St, Manly NSW 2095 Directions

Monday to Saturday 7am – 12:30am
Sunday 7am – midnight

289 car spaces including 5 accessible parking bays and 5 motorcycle bays
Height restriction: 2.1m

Pacific Waves Car Park

9-15 Central Ave, Manly NSW 2095 Directions

Monday to Saturday 6.30am – 12:30am
Sunday 6.30am – midnight

170 parking spaces including 4 accessible parking bays and 2 motorcycle bays
Height restriction: 2m

Manly National Car Park

Central Ave, Manly NSW 2095 Directions

Monday to Saturday 6.30am – 12:30am
Sunday 6.30am – midnight

220 parking spaces including 5 accessible parking bays, 5 motorcycle bays, 5 car share parking bays
Height restriction: 1.95m

Daytime fees

Entry 6.30am - 6.59pm

Carparks operate with licence plate recognition. Re-entering or visiting another Northern Beaches Council carpark within 3 hours of exiting will incur fees starting at the 2 – 2.5 hourly rate.

Up to 2 hours: Free
2 - 2.5 hours: $11.50
2.5 - 3 hours: $14.50
3 - 3.5 hours: $19
3.5 - 4 hours: $22.50
4 - 5 hours: $35.50
5 + hours: $48

Manly National Car Park - EARLY BIRD Monday to Friday only - $24 (in before 9am and out after 3pm)

Multiple days (including overnight)

Please note multiple day fees will be charged:

1st day hours fee + $5.50 overnight surcharge + next day fee (first 2 hours free + hours to the time of exit).

For example, if stay is maximum hours on both days, total fee would be $48 + $5.50 + $48 = $101.50.

Evening fees

Entry 7pm - 11.59pm 

Flat fee $5.50.

If your vehicle remains in the parking station after 12am a $5.50 overnight surcharge will apply + next day fee (first 2 hours free + hours to the time of exit).

Evening fees are not available to vehicles entering during daytime hours. 


Payment may be made by credit card at both the pay machine and exit.  If you would like to pay by cash, please use the pay machine.

If you realise you are unable to pay for your parking, you will be issued with a non-payment form. You have seven days from the date of entry to return to one of Council’s four Manly car parks to pay.  Please push the intercom or visit the office at Whistler Street where an attendant will facilitate the payment for you.

Pre-Paid Parking

Permanent paid parking spaces are available in allocated Council stations, with options available between 2-7 days, varying from $104 - $411 per month. Payments are made via monthly or annual direct debit payments.

Please apply online for Manly National or Whistler Street Carpark or download the pre-paid parking permit application form and direct debit application form, which details all fees and terms and conditions.

Pre-paid parking is available at Manly National and Whistler Street Carpark for a minimum of three months. More details available on the application page,

Operational Commercial Vehicle Top Up Card

$27.50 flat fee per weekend day for those that require a vehicle for operational purposes and work within 1 km of Manly National carpark. This is not for those who require parking for commuting. Please download the application form with all fees and terms and conditions. 

Late Night Worker Fee

A $5.50 flat fee is available every day to late night workers in Manly. A pass card will be issued to permit holders. Entry must be after 5pm and exit after 9pm.

If you enter before 5pm or exit before 9pm, you will be subject to casual fees and charges. If your vehicle remains in the parking station after 6:29am it will be subject to casual rates.

Please download the application form with all fees, terms and conditions and details of what supporting documentation is required.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles can park for free in the designated motorcycle parking areas in the Manly parking stations.

Any motorcycles parking in a vehicle bay are subject to the full fees and charges. Fines may apply to any motorcycles parked in a vehicle bay that exits without paying.

Accessible Parking

Mobility permit holders are subject to fees and charges. (Note: Vehicles with a valid mobility parking permit may park for free at any pay and display council carpark).

Alternative Parking Options

The best way to visit Manly is by public transport. It’s not only a cheaper alternative to driving but also reduces traffic and pollution. You don’t need to worry about finding a parking space and can take your time to enjoy a swim, coffee or long lunch in one of the local restaurants.

Manly is serviced by a number of buses which travel from Palm Beach, Sydney City, North Sydney and St Leonards, to name a few. Ferries run to Circular Quay and Barangaroo.

Visit Transport NSW for information on bus and ferry timetables.

There are also bicycle racks in front of Manly Wharf, Manly beachfront, Market Lane and other locations throughout Manly.

For a more comprehensive please see the Getting to Manly brochure.