Did you know 90% of a child's brain development occurs in the first five years of their life?

According to research early brain development has a lasting impact on a child’s ability to learn and succeed in school and life.

Finding a quality pre-school program is crucial to giving your child the best start at school. Despite some misconceptions, long day care centre offer a real pre-school program.  All approved early learning centres develop programs that meet government guidelines and in line with Early Years Learning Framework.

Northern Beaches Council offers the highest quality pre-school program, both in long day care and pre-school, that prepares children for a smooth transition to school.

All Northern Beaches Council centres have:

  • Degree-qualified early childhood teachers

  • Meets or exceeds National Quality Standard

  • Quality resources including educational and play equipment

  • Nurturing and safe environment to develop social, emotional and learning skills

  • Indoor and outdoor play-based learning experiences where children can explore, experiment, build skills in problem solving, develop pre-literacy, numeracy, gross and fine motor skills

  • Programs that develop children’s confidence, self-esteem and prepares them for formal learning

And our parents agree.

As a parent of two girls, one that is now at school and one that is in the Pre-school room I am extremely happy with the care offered at Dee Why Children’s Centre. Each and every educator that my girls have crossed paths with is genuinely caring, passionate and dedicated to the families that attend. The program reflects this, with activities that follow the children’s interests, ideas and exciting for the children. My girls have always been happy to say good bye in the mornings, if not, they are more than happy to have a cuddle with their teacher. I would highly recommend this centre to anyone looking for care and education for their children.
Helen Devries Dee Why Children’s Centre

My 2 children have attended Brookvale Children’s centre since 2016. The educators are kind, caring and nurturing who take pride in their relationships with children and families. My eldest child went to school this year and the school readiness program at Brookvale Children’s Centre is fabulous, my son was emotionally and socially prepared for the transition. The staff turnover at Brookvale is very low and many staff have worked there for 5-10 years which allows for great continuity of care. I highly recommend Brookvale Children’s centre.
Emma Davies Brookvale Children’s Centre