Education and care of children is guided by Children’s Services policies developed in consultation with staff and parents. These are also founded in legislative requirements and current best practice recommendations. The end result is that our policies cover the legal, ethical and practical aspects of education and care.

Accessing the Children’s Services Policies

To read our policies, apply here for your user I.D. and password. You’ll be asked to select the child care services your family uses and provide a user name and email address. When we email your user I.D. and temporary password you’ll need to change that password the first time you login.

Once you have a user I.D., you can view and comment on the policies here.

Have Your Say

We welcome, in fact we encourage your feedback!  Once you login, each page of our online Children’s Services Policies provides space for your comments and opinions on our practices.

Other parents will be able to view your comments unless you indicate that you wish them to remain private.

Still Need Help?

Email us or call 9942 2971 if you have more questions or are experiencing problems using our online policies.