Northern Beaches Council is responsible for over 145 bushland and wetland reserves covering an area of 1700ha. 

The primary purpose of these reserves is for the conservation of natural values; however they are also important from a social, cultural, recreational and historical perspective.

These reserves are home to an array of native flora and fauna often providing the last remaining refuges for threatened species.

Many bushland reserves are Wildlife Protection Areas and have a Plan of Management in place.

Algona Bushland Reserve

Algona Reserve is a small example of bushland containing regionally significant plant species

Anembo Bushland Reserve

The reserve is located in Duffy's Forest and is habitat for a number of threatened flora and fauna species due to its relatively large size, good condition and connectivity to the national park.

Anzac Bushland Reserve

Anzac Reserve located in Collaroy contains several vegetation communities and is an important wildlife corridor to Collaroy Plateau

Ararat Bushland Reserve

Ararat reserve contains a small bushland reserve to the south of the playing fields which also form part of the Bantry Bay Bushland Reserves.

Attunga Bushland Reserve

A nature reserve which boasts a 1km steep rugged walk with spectacular views of Newport and Bilgola Beaches.