Bangalley Head is one of the largest bushland reserves on the Northern Beaches coastline. 

Bangalley Headland Reserve is a coastal headland escarpment located at North Avalon. The reserve contains a number of remnant vegetation communities which are important for an abundance of native fauna.

Within the escarpment are a number of vertical doleritic dykes including St Michael's Cave which is significant habitat for roosting by Micro Bats.


Native birds - such as Honeyeaters, Spinebills, Finches and Wrens - feed, breed and shelter amongst the dense thickets of coastal scrub and pockets of rainforest plants. Small mammals, including the Long-nosed Bandicoot and the Brown Marsupial Mouse, shelter in rock overhangs and crevices, or in dead logs in the Eucalypt forest. Lizards and snakes sun themselves lazily on the open rocky platforms, although always wary of any hungry Kestrel which may be soaring overhead.

Wildlife Protection Area

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