Anembo is an Aboriginal word meaning 'quiet place' and peace and tranquillity is what this reserve provides.  Anembo Reserve is located in Duffy’s Forest and is surrounded by Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park on three sides. Anembo Reserve is 22 hectares of native vegetation providing habitat for several threatened and rare species. 

Bloodwood-Scribbly Gum Woodland dominates the reserve, this community is found on plateaus, ridges and exposed slopes across the Northern Beaches. A rarer community, Narrowleaved Scribbly Gum Woodland is present in the western corner of the reserve. This community is dominated by the Narrow Leaf Scribbly Gum (Eucalyptus racemosa), distinguished from the more common Scribbly Gum by smaller, narrower leaves. Small pockets of Sandstone Heath and Peppermint Angophora Forest also occur within the reserve. Threatened plants found here include the Heart-leaved Stringybark, Glandular Pink-bell and the rare Yellowtop Ash.

Bush regeneration has been taking place in the reserve for a number of years and it is relatively weed free, however there is still the constant threat of weed invasion from ongoing human impacts.

Vegetation provides important habitat for native fauna. For example, the Heart-leaved Stringybark provides habitat for the Eastern Pygmy Possum, Heath Monitor, Southern Brown Bandicoot and Red-crowned Toadlet, all of which are threatened species. Other threatened fauna in the reserve may include the Giant Burrowing Frog and the Eastern Bent-wing Bat. More common species that live within Anembo include possums, snakes, wallabies, native rats and birds.

Fauna surveys are undertaken periodically. The data collected enables Council to monitor changes in population and species diversity over time and manage the reserve accordingly.

Wildlife Protection Area

Dogs must be on a leash at all times in this reserve and cats are not allowed here at any time. Find out more


Anembo Road

Duffys Forest NSW 2084