The interim Strategic Reference Groups (SRGs) were formed in August 2016 and met five times while Council was under Administration. Their main role was to assist in developing the Community Strategic Plan and provide strategic input on economic, environmental and social issues.

Their first meeting brought together all the SRGs to start development of the Community Strategic Plan.  Their following meetings focussed on their area of interest.  Meeting outcomes are detailed below in the SRG Meeting Notes, along with the Strategic Papers which each SRG developed.

The formation of any new committees and SRGs will be determined by an elected Council.

SRG Meeting NotesSRG Strategic Papers
Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Policy - May 2017
Affordable Housing Policy Action Plan - May 2017

Art, Culture and HeritageArt Culture and Heritage SRG Directions Paper - July 2017
Community SafetyCommunity Safety SRG Directions Paper - June 2017
Economic, Development and TourismEconomic Development and Tourism SRG Directions Paper - July 2017
Inclusive CommunitiesInclusive Communities SRG Issues Paper - July 2017
Natural EnvironmentNatural Environment SRG Directions Paper - June 2017
Open Space and RecreationOpen Space and Recreation SRG Directions Paper - July 2017
Place MakingPlace Making SRG Placemaking Framework - June 2017
Sustainable TransportSustainable Transport SRG Directions Paper "Towards a draft Transport and Active Travel Strategy" - July 2017
Waste and Recovery ManagementWaste SRG draft Strategy Framework "Towards Zero Waste"  - June 2017
YouthYouth SRG - Key Issues for Young People Paper - June 2017