Councillor Sue Heins (Chair) 
Mayor Michael Regan 
Councillor Kylie Ferguson 
Councillor Penny Philpott 
Tony HilligerSurf Life Saving Sydney (appointed February 2020)
Ina VukicNorthside Enterprise (appointed February 2018)
Antony BiasiCommunity representative - Narrabeen Ward (appointed February 2018)
John BuggyBelrose Open Space Corridor Association (BOSCA) (appointed February 2018)
Denice SmithCommunity representative - Narrabeen Ward (appointed February 2018)
Craig SusansCommunity representative - Manly Ward (appointed February 2018)
Caroline Glass-PattisonIndigenous advocacy group (appointed May 2018)
Chris FultonCommunity representative - Curl Curl Ward (appointed October 2018)
Myriam ConrieIndividual with experience and expertise in inclusivity and accessibility, charitable organisations and strategic marketing (appointed October 2018)
Hannah JamiesonCommunity representative - Curl Curl Ward (appointed October 2018)
David HopeNorth Sydney District Council P & C Association (appointed February 2020)
Jane MeccelliIndividual with experience and expertise in social services (appointed February 2020)