Councillor Natalie Warren (Chair) 
Councillor Alex McTaggart 
Councillor Pat Daley 
Councillor Stuart Sprott 
Sophie ScottCommunity representative - Manly Ward (appointed February 2018)
Roberta ConroyCommunity Representative Pittwater Ward
Alan JonesCommunity representative - Curl Curl Ward (appointed February 2018)
Tom HazellCommunity representative - Curl Curl Ward (appointed February 2018)
David TribeIndividual with expertise and experience in bushland and biodiversity management (appointed February 2018)
Nigel HowardIndividual with expertise and experience in climate change and sustainability (appointed February 2018)
Viktorija McDonnellCurl Curl Lagoon Committee (appointed February 2018)
Marita MacraePittwater Natural Heritage Association (appointed February 2018)
Jacqueline MarlowFriends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment (appointed February 2018)
Billy BraggCommunity representative - Pittwater Ward (appointed February 2018)
Scott MarkichIndividual with expertise and experience in waterways and catchment management, coastal management, climate change and environmental sustainability (appointed February 2018)