• Joshua Yeldham, Self portrait holding my father's heart, 2019, mixed media on board, 182 x 122cm

Activity 2 - Portraits Project

Artists are at the centre of MAG&M's 90 years' celebrations through 2020. The 'Portraits Project' which is scheduled to open in August, is a powerful group expression by many renowned artists that are connected with the Northern Beaches.

Sydney photographer Greg Weight has been taking 'behind the scenes' portraits of our famous artists at work in their studios around Sydney's Northern Beaches. These will be on display in the gallery alongside fifteen self-portraits created by these celebrated painters, all of whom have powerful connections with the area.

Get creative with us and download the Activity Sheets. Enjoy creating with MAG&M.

Designed for ages 6 to 11.

  • Self portrait holding my father’s heart by Joshua Yeldham - Worksheet PDF
  • Portrait of Kathrin Longhurst by photographer Greg Weight - Worksheet PDF


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