1990s - October

This month we revisit the 1990s. Ally Sara, AKA, Wrong Angler, makes solid silver-cast jewellery, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. For the 9 Designers Project, she has created a unique collection of rings inspired by the early days of the internet.

The foyer display has been turned into a gallery of sculptures and models created from old 90s technology - outdated mobile phones, handsets and CDs. These new age relics have been recycled and reformed to showcase the limited edition ring collection and in doing so, have been given a new lease of life. This nostalgic display had been created with an evident sense of fondness for the decade it represents and responds to the 9 Designers project perfectly.

Ally Sara is a new designer from Curl Curl, who was working in the US before Covid-19 forced her to return to Australia earlier than planned. She performs each stage of the process herself:

 “I make solid sterling silver jewellery, specialising in signet rings. I have a range of my own designs, but I do a lot of commission work to create something unique and meaningful for each different person. Every ring is handmade using a technique called 'lost wax' casting, which involves making a wax model of the ring, turning it into a mould, and then filling the mould with silver. Because a wax model can only be used once, every ring is completely unique and takes about five hours of work from start to finish. For me, jewellery is a passion and a hobby that I do while studying intellectual property law. Ideally, one day I’d like be a lawyer for artists, but also, be an artist in my own right”

All rings can be resized and you can collect a business card for any commissions at the Design Shop.

For further enquires and pricing, please contact the or 02 9976 1419.

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Welcome Ally Sara!