• Images by Greg Piper

  • Images by Greg Piper

Our new 9 Designer for this month was Christine Sadler.

With a collection of handmade original pieces made in the SilverPlus studio in Ingleside, Christine represented the2000s. 

"My decade is 2000. The new millennium not only marked a new decade with no Y2K global chaos but a major shift culturally, with the internet and all the technologies and social media platforms it enabled entering into our lives. Despite all this rapid, global cultural and technological change, a slower,
local way of life could still be found in some pockets of the world, particularly on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Here, an inherent love of our coastal landscape and beach culture remains, as if in defiance of the ever changing world around us.

In my research for my main piece, the pendant ‘ Saltwater',  I looked at a map of the coastline from Manly to Palm Beach and realised that not everything changes dramatically over time. The basic shape of the coastline erodes from nature’s elements slowly but overall the shape remains from decade to decade
My main pieces pay homage to our love of the coastal landscape that has been a large part of our daily lives on the Northern Beaches and I draw my inspiration from this habitat. I have imbued our coastal spirit and interwoven it with our beautiful natural coastal landscape - the northern beaches."

There was an incredibly high quality of workmanship in this special collection and the themes of waterways and coastlines were echoed beautifully by the Nick Hollo exhibition that was hanging in the galleries at the same time.