The Design Shop celebrated our 90 years with a brand new 9 Designers project. As part of MAG&Ms 90th anniversary, nine designers were selected to design a unique object inspired by one of our decades, from 1930s – 2010s.

The Design Shop profiled one designer/maker per month by featuring their exclusive object and displaying their supporting products for sale throughout the year.

After a fabulous start with Michelle Perrett, in May we welcomed, Katherine Mahoney. Mahoney represented the 1940s with a beautiful range of tablewares reflecting an attention to detail and reverence for her medium, similar that found in the work of her inspirations, Lucie Rie and Hans Cooper.

Each piece was individually hand thrown on a wheel in stoneware or porcelain clay, before being decorated with oxides and sgraffito and finished in glazes that Mahoney herself made and created.

With a nod to the popular practice of Afternoon Tea and delicate tea sets complete with sugar bowls and milk jugs, Mahoney's designs were wholly original with a strong sense of personal style. 

Photography by Greg Piper